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Re: Redirect of web link to a phishing website

August 18th 2021 UTC

So, a message sent by one of your subscribers in a discussion list had that malicious link. To prevent that, you may have to turn on moderation, and just double-check messages, before they’re sent to your entire list. Nothing else seemed… fishy about the message sent out? Was the message also then archived? Did your host run a scan on your site, and find the malicious link that way? In the future, I could add a feature that would not apply the Dada Mail redirect to certain URLs - like - but that wo ...Continue Reading

RE: Redirect of web link to a phishing website

August 15th 2021 UTC

Thanks, my hosting company does know about it which is why they shut my websites down.  As mentioned, I looked for all redirects not in dadamail and could not find any.  I also did searches on the dadamail databases and could not find anything.  Shutting down dadamail by renaming the directory and mail.cgi to, eliminated the error.  Now my sites were scanned and are clean.  My website is back up but dadamail is not running.  Obviously, I would like my discussion lists active again. ...Continue Reading

Re: Redirect of web link to a phishing website

August 15th 2021 UTC

This is redirected using the clickthrough tracking feature of Dada and is not necessarily a hack. In PHPMyAdmin, go to the dada_clickthrough_urls table and find the redirect ID & message ID from the bad link and see what the URL is for it in the table. It could be that the website it was linking to got hacked or bought and redirected all links to something nefarious. If the link in the URL field is not what was originally linked in the mailing, you have a problem. Mary Ann You need to report that to your ...Continue Reading

RE: Redirect of web link to a phishing website

August 15th 2021 UTC

You need to report that to your hosting company. Someone did hack your site, your file space. I don’t think they necessarily hacked it through Dada Mail, though. It could have been any number of paths. Definitely report it, though._______________________________________________Bruce Scherzinger, HME HOA Webmaster * webmaster@PROTECTED *From: *mrivner@PROTECTED mrivner@PROTECTED [Dada Mail Developers]*Sent: *Saturday, August 14, 2021 8:18 PM*To: *Dada Mail Developers Subscriber*Subject: *[dadadev] Redirect of web li ...Continue Reading

Redirect of web link to a phishing website

August 15th 2021 UTC

Hi,I recently had my websites deactivated because a link on my site:   (I changed the name of the domain ( and name of the main directory (loc)  and list name (listnm) ).  But as you can see it called the mail.cgi file.It redirected to an external website   (I removed some of this redirection) Does anyone know what produced this.  Does this indicate an atta ...Continue Reading

v11.14.2 Released

July 26th 2021 UTC

Hello everyone, v11.14.2 has been released! Download and install: Changelog (and below): Focus This release includes bugfixes found in the v11.14.1 release of Dada Mail. Changes Delete email address from Bounce Scorecard when email address is unsubscribed #1035 Plugins: Tracker - Add a date/timestamp to options for updating profile fields in the pre ...Continue Reading

Rest API

July 19th 2021 UTC

Hi Dada Dev,I’m a fan of having a rest api implementation and am looking to leverage it for some automation. That said is there a way to implement a way to add users to mail lists via it without having unique public keys per list? Am I missing something?Thanks again for the great work!Best,Mike ...Continue Reading

Re: Enhancement tracker Pulldown to fill in a profile field

June 26th 2021 UTC

I added this as a feature request here: may want to add to the discussion, and give your vote on the format you would like, “Current date” to be in.  -- Justin J: Lead Dadaist*url:         dadamailproject.comemail:    justin@PROTECTEDtwitter:  @dadamailDada Mail Announcements:  On Jun 26, 2021, at 11:04 AM, Mourino richard.mourin ...Continue Reading

Enhancement tracker Pulldown to fill in a profile field

June 26th 2021 UTC

In the tracker there is a pulldown option to have a profile field filled in when a newsletter is opened.Could you add to this pulldown  Current date .It would tell me when a member opens up the newsletter.Thank you      Richard Mourino ...Continue Reading

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June 22nd 2021 UTC

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