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Holiday Sale! 50% off Pro Dada Install/Upgrades and Pro Dada Subscriptions

November 29th 2022

Happy Holidays from Boulder, Colorado, USA! Dada Mail 11.20.0 Released! [*]Check out the Dada Mail Blog for all the details. Holiday Sale! Pro Dada Subscriptions 50% Off! * Buy Now - 50% Off!   Pro Dada is a special distribution of Dada Mail, that comes with no list/subscription limitations. Being a Pro Dada Subscriber gives you unlimited access to download Pro Dada distribution, as well as the Pro Dada Manual. This manual is viewable online, as well as available as a downloadable PDF manual for ...Continue Reading

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Re: Dada Mail v11.20.0 Released!

October 25th 2022

It appears that many of the buttons on several pages in the admin interface do not respond when I click them or when they do respond it prompts me to reset my password. This is, of course, while I am already logged into the admin interface. And resetting the password doesn't work either.   I am also noticing a fair number of orange messages throughout the UI that might be indicative of the issues we've been having. As I said, my cronjob runs every 5 minutes and has to send every message to ~200 members. These folks ...Continue Reading