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Dada Mail v11.16.0 – Important Security Vulnerabilities Fixed, Upgrade Highly Suggested

September 22nd 2021

v11.16.0 Released ================= v11.16.0 has been released! This released was pushed out to fix a fairly critical security issue dealing with CSRF. Below is the change log, which we think paints a good picture of what the problem is, and what we did to remediate it. If you’re a customer/client of ours that we’ve provided an installation for, [1]please get in touch, so that we can talk about getting you upgraded. If you don’t know exactly what coverage you have, we can help you look ...Continue Reading

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This mailing list is to discuss the nerdy programming development of Dada Mail -

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Some on topic... topics include:

At the moment, there aren't many people with CVS access for Dada Mail - if you would like CVS access, please first talk about the changes you propose and how it will affect the program. If the idea is sound and agreed upon, the change will be comitted. A good track record of this will allow you to have CVS access. Some reasons that patches will not be accepted is if the patch breaks compatibility with a previous version of the program, the patch is too centric to your own problem or the patch simply isn't very good.

Please, please please familiarize yourself with the documentation at:


Since no one wants to answer the same question twice.

Another sneaky reason for this mailing list is to test out the discussion list capabilities of Dada Mail, since Dada Mail is used for the mailing list itself.

NOTE - because of this, there may be times that this list will be somewhat broken. Although we're not planning on breaking the program by using it, we're giving you the heads up that this may well happen anyways.

v11.16.3 Released

September 28th 2021

Hello Everyone, v11.16.3 has been released (as well as v11.16.2 and 11.16.1). These small releases are just fix bugs dealing with the CSRF vulnerability - some of the functionality of Dada Mail broke (which are now fixed). If you’re running v11.16.0 to 11.16.2, you can just use this dada_mail.js file, [1]https://raw.githubusercontent.com/justingit/dada-mail/v11_16_3-stable_2021_09_27/dada/static/javascripts/dada_mail.js This file goes into your dada_mail_support_files directory at, dada_mail_supp ...Continue Reading