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This mailing list is to discuss the nerdy programming development of Dada Mail -

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Some on topic... topics include:

  • Positive Crits on the program (I like, "x", but, "y" needs some work - here's an idea on how to make this better...)
  • Bug/Error reports
  • Bug fixes
  • Request For Comments on any changes to the program
  • Help customizing Dada Mail for your own internal needs
  • Patches
  • Language Translations
  • Support Documentation/Doc editing, FAQ's, etc.
  • Discussion of any changes that you would like to be committed to the next version of Dada Mail -

At the moment, there aren't many people with CVS access for Dada Mail - if you would like CVS access, please first talk about the changes you propose and how it will affect the program. If the idea is sound and agreed upon, the change will be comitted. A good track record of this will allow you to have CVS access. Some reasons that patches will not be accepted is if the patch breaks compatibility with a previous version of the program, the patch is too centric to your own problem or the patch simply isn't very good.

Please, please please familiarize yourself with the documentation at:


Since no one wants to answer the same question twice.

Another sneaky reason for this mailing list is to test out the discussion list capabilities of Dada Mail, since Dada Mail is used for the mailing list itself.

NOTE - because of this, there may be times that this list will be somewhat broken. Although we're not planning on breaking the program by using it, we're giving you the heads up that this may well happen anyways.

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Re: DKIM keys

July 10th 2019

DKIM signing is handled by the mail server that sends out the message (which is not Dada Mail). DKIM keys would be set up in your DNS entries; signing would be done by the mail server. Messages on this list should be DKIM signed, as it's all set up using Amazon SES, which is what we're using for mail sending. -- Justin J: Lead Dadaist.url: http://dadamailproject.com email: justin@PROTECTED twitter: @dadamail skype: leaddadaist Dada Mail Announcements:http://dadamailproject.com/cgi-bin/d ...Continue Reading

DKIM keys

July 10th 2019

Has anyone used DKIM with DADA Mail? If so, can you give some pointers about including the public key in outgoing mail and where the private key needs to be stored. Using Bluehost as mail server and SPF does not seem to be enough for getting mail delivered to all recipients. Thanks ...Continue Reading


June 26th 2019

I got the same error messages about "Identity is invalid" although the email address was verified correctly at Amazon SES.Turned out the email address was on Amazon its [1]suppression list, because after removing it from this list, the errors were gone and it is working as expected again. Although I realize my answer is a bit late 🙄, others may benefit from this knowledge, who knows. Regards Frans Op za 16 apr. 2016 om 15:55 schreef Margie Baxley [2]margiebaxley@PROTECTED [D ...Continue Reading

Dada Mail v11.4.2 Released

June 6th 2019

Hi everyone - v11.4.2 is out the door. v11.4.0 allows you to enter in a Google Maps API Key, so that map charts will keep working. I wrote about the details of this, here: https://blog.dadamailproject.com/2019/05/21/enhancing-message-reports-in-the-tracker-plugin-in-v11-4-0/ v11.4.1 + v11.4.2 are bugfix releases. Also! I'm offering a Lifetime upgrade option to my pro installs + upgrades. Email me if you think you may qualify - basically if you purchase an install w/yearly upgrades/Pro Dada Fo ...Continue Reading

Re: Problems with uncompress_dada.cgi

May 28th 2019

The uncompress_dada.cgi script seems correct - they are versioned, so the version for 11.4.0 will not work for any other version of the distro. Here's the direct link: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/justingit/dada-mail/v11_4_0-stable_2019_05_20/uncompress_dada.cgi You'll see a line, my $basic = 'dada-11_4_0.tar.gz'; That's what gets changed for each version. Also I noticed that I was unsubscribed from the announcement and the developer list without receiving any message. Hope ...Continue Reading

Problems with uncompress_dada.cgi

May 28th 2019

Hi, With version 11.4, I noticed a problem with the uncompress_dada.cgi. It would not run properly and install dadamail. I tried 3 times and it did not work. I finally edited uncompress_dada.cgi from 11.2.9 changing the name of the tar.gz file to the current version and the script worked and installed version 11.4.0. I did not look at the actual code to see what was different but something changed because the new version of uncompress_dada.cgi definitely did not work but the old version with ...Continue Reading

v11.4.0 Released

May 21st 2019

Hi everyone - v11.4.0 is out the door. This version allows you to enter in a Google Maps API Key, so that map charts will keep working. I wrote about the details of this, here: https://blog.dadamailproject.com/2019/05/21/enhancing-message-reports-in-the-tracker-plugin-in-v11-4-0/ Download and install: http://dadamailproject.com/d/install_dada_mail.pod.html Changelog is also below, https://dadamailproject.com/d/changes_11_x.pod.html#pod11.4.0 11.4.0 ====== This release has change ...Continue Reading

Upcoming changes to Tracker plugin - Google Maps API Key requirements

May 9th 2019

Howdy everyone, Looks like Google Maps is going to require getting a key (and thus a Google Cloud Platform account) to utilize it. There is a free-tier pricing and most all of Dada Mail's Tracker plugin use will most likely never go above what the free tier allows. Still, pretty annoying. I'll add support to add this key to the config of Dada Mail, but most likely, I'll also disable these map charts from being shown, unless the following are established: * A valid Google Maps API Key ...Continue Reading

v11.3.0 Released

April 27th 2019

Howdy Everyone - Dada Mail v11.3.0 has been released, Download and Install: [1]http://dadamailproject.com/d/install_dada_mail.pod.html I've written a blog post to help identify the problems this release is trying to solve, as well as where to find the new options that are available: [2]https://blog.dadamailproject.com/2019/04/26/dada-mails-new-unsubscription-options-v11-3-0/ I know a lot of people have been battling this issue of mysterious unsubscribes, and I'm confident that this re ...Continue Reading


April 25th 2019

Sending via SES is certainly something I suggest to clients that are having problems with the mail server provided with them. Sharing a mail server in a shared hosting situation is always less than ideal, as any abuse from others using the same mail server could impact you, and running your own mail server can be quite a PITA. I think to maximize deliverability with SES though, you want to make sure to set up your DKIM keys/DMARC and perhaps set up a proper SPF record. -- Justin J: Lead ...Continue Reading



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