Dada Mail v5.1.0 Released

From: "Dada Mail Announcement List" <justin@dadamailproject.com>
Subject: Dada Mail v5.1.0 Released
Date: May 31st 2012

Dada Mail Five is Alive

Dada Mail Five Point One Point Zero has just been released. New features, new functionality and new plugins await you.

5.1.0 at a Glance

Update Subscriber Email Address

You now have the ability to update a subscriber's email address, through the List Control Panel.

Send a Message Screen: Show/Hide PlainText/HTML Versions

Amazon SES: Auto-Adjusting Batch Settings.

Profiles Enhancements

Much work has been done to Dada Mail Profiles to make them more flexible towards customization, as well as making it easier for List Owners to administrate individual user's Profile information.

Profile Passwords in the List Control Panel

List Owners now how the option to reset a user's Profile Password in the List Control Panel, under: Membership >> View (then, select a member of your mailing list).

Email Notifications of Changed Profile Email Addresses

You now how the option to receive a notification of any changes made by a user of their Profile email address.

Multiple Admin Profile Email Addresses Supported

Customize Email Validation Steps for Profile Email Address Changes

Enable/Disable Major Profile Features

List Invitations: Already Been Invited Check

List Invitations are a powerful tool in Dada Mail, as they allow you to invite a new member to join your mailing list, and thus allow potential new members to make their own decision on whether they would like to join your mailing list.

Before a List Invitation is sent, Dada Mail can now double-check to see if any invitees have already been sent a list invitation, saving you from pestering potential members. This new feature is optional and can be configured to simply warn you about previous invites, allowing you to re-invite selected addresses, or disallow to send to any previous invited addresses. By default, Dada Mail will warn about previous invites, but won't disallow you from inviting them, again.

New Plugin: Change List Shortname

Each Dada Mail mailing list has a, List Shortname - the internal name used by Dada Mail to differentiate mailing lists from one another. The list shortname is also used for values in subscription forms and subscripiton/unsubscription/confirmation links. Sometimes it's desired to change this list shortname.

New Plugin: Password Protect Directories

This plugin allows you to password protect a directory, only allowing your mailing list subscribers access, using their subscription to your mailing list and their Dada Mail Profile password as credentials. A default password may be set, if a subscriber does not currently have a Dada Mail Profile.

New Plugin: Default Mass Mailing Messages

Having default copy available, in the PlainText and/or HTML Versions of your mailing list messages, ready to be used as a starter for your next mailing list message would be convenient.

Purchase Pro Dada

Purchase Pro Dada ($50) for a lifetime of access to the Dada Mail User Manual, as well as Pro Dada.

The Pro Dada Manual has a chapter dedicated to every screen in the list control panel, to provide help right where you need it.

Read a Sample Chapter (or two (or three))

Pro Dada comes without a footer back to our support site and without mailing list or subscriber size quotas. The best part? Access to Pro Dada and the Dada Mail Manual is yours, for the life of the Dada Mail Project.

A huge thanks goes to everyone that has been supporting Dada Mail through it's amazing 12+ year run of development by purchasing Pro Dada!

Order Securely using PayPal

Big News

Big News! Justin, the designer/developer/support-guy/ring-leader/conceptual artist of Dada Mail is challenging the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route yet again in June, racing from Canada to Mexico (over 2700 miles!) on a single speed bicycle.

Justin will be out of town, between June 6th, 2012 and the beginning of July. If you would like to have an installation or upgrade of Dada Mail, please make your request as soon as you possibly can - Justin will not be able do Pro Install/Upgrades until he gets back - contact us and we'll fit you in, no problem.

Read about last year's race here, here and here. Last year, with your selfless contributions to various fundraisers made by people like you, we were able to raise a ton of money to some well-deserving charities - thank you so much for making some important dreams take flight!



for once again for taking the time to read our announcement message and for your amazing and continued support of the Dada Mail Project. I'll see you down that dusty road, towards the sun!

Justin J
Lead Dadaist
The Dada Mail Project

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