Dada Mail Testimonials

I have been using Dada Mail for a few years now for our Yarn Store�s customers. Initially, the set up of the program was a little over my head. I was able to get the program functional, but it wasn�t complete. I decided to take Justin up on one of his offers for the Pro install. Glad I did. He had it �singing� in a couple days.

Even though the manual updating of the program has gotten much easier, I have continued with the Pro install option for 2 reasons:

1) I just send Justin a note and the update is taken care of which saves me time to do other things.
2) It also supports the continued development of the program.

The program continues to evolve with excellent options and with Dada Mail 5 just released, the interface has gotten very cool and even more functional. I now operate 3 lists and am very happy.

Brett, MyYarnBoutique.com

JMB Communications is a multifaceted marketing company doing business globally in multiple spheres. We picked Dada Mail years ago on the strength of a friend's strong recommendation and have never looked back. We mail to clients, travel newsletter readers, and others, all opt-in -- marketing-oriented materials focused on audience needs. We are busy and don't have time for self-absorbed programs that cost a fortune and deliver next to nothing. Dada Mail is the best, most intuitive, most reliable, best supported software I have ever dealt with -- and I've been using computers in business for nearly 30 years. It is easy to learn and use; extraordinarily full-featured; fast; and incredibly effective at helping us communicate easily with clients. Customer support (rarely needed) is fast, thorough, responsive, and on-point. I could not possibly recommend it more highly.

Jeff Berger, CEO, JMB Communications

A few years ago the fraternal organization I had just joined asked me to help with the monthly Newsletter for our 1,000 member Lodge. A detail that was glossed over was the requirement to send some 500+ of those members their Newsletter by email.

In very quick succession I discovered that my client side software (sounds like Outlook) was not up to the task, and that my ISP's browser based solution just would not work. I spoke with the folks at my hosting provider and they pointed me at Dada Mail. I liked the free version so much, I quickly decided to go for the pro version. Best decision I could have made. Dada Mail work as advertised. It is rock solid. I now operate multiple lists, they are easy to sustain and trouble free. But even better, Justin is one squared away dude. Not once did he falter, always there, always the epitome of customer service. Made the install and update of Dada Mail a non-problem. I highly recommend this software to anyone who has mass mailing requirements.

- Mark Fontana, Palm Coast Elks Lodge #2709, "Florida's Friendliest"

I have been using DaDa mail for quite some time, it allows me to mail out my
archery calendar to subscribers, without my having to maintain the list! It
does it all quite effortless. For support, Justin is always there! Great
program great service

- Al Willis, Archery Guy

I have been using Dada since 2002 (back then it was called Mojo!) & it has become an absolutely essential part of my online retail business. I use it both for sending newsletters & also for individualized looking bulk "your order is shipping" notices. Before discovering Dada, I tried several commercial products that were quite unreliable.

Justin has also been a great resource for us. He recommended the wonderful host I am currently using for 3 different Website, & has always been there to help with issues (scripts are beyond my knowledge level).

2 non profits that I do some work for have also gone with dada for the last 2 years or so, & are also extremely pleased with the program's ease of use & reliability. In fact one of the 2 (a world wide organization) was so pleased with the lists reliability that my volunteer position in running their email lists became a part time paid position!

Since i discovered Dada, I have considered the #1 requirement for my business site to be a Linux based host because Dada has been integral to my business for so many year.

- Geff Ratcheson, Dandylion Records

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