Dada Mail 11 is here!

Email Themes, HTML Email Messages For All!

Make running your business and personal mailing lists easy, fun, and inexpensive.

  • Easily Import, View, Search, and Sort members of your Mailing Lists
  • Send to your members using Dada Mail's included Rich Text editor, or give Dada Mail a webpage - you can even set up Dada Mail to recieve messages via email.
  • Dada Mail v9's new responsive design is desktop/laptop, tablet, and mobile-ready.
  • Let Dada Mail automatically create reports for each mass mailing you send out, including: Number of Subscribers, URL Clickthroughs, Message Opens, Archive Views, Forwards, and Bounces
  • Visualize where your subscribers are coming from with Dada Mail's Message Clickthroughs and Opens reports
  • Dada Mail works with whatever email sending limitations you may, or may not have! Dada Mail adjusts to work within your hosting environment.
  • Want to run a group discussion mailing list? Dada Mail comes with Bridge, which allows you to receive messages via email, as well as allow to set up a discussion list.
  • Share your mass mailing messages publically online. Dada Mail allows you to view, sort, and search through past messages you've sent out.
  • Easily set up a mass mailing that will be sent in the future with Dada Mail. Dada Mail comes with support for one-time, as well as recurring mass mailings. Grab content from a webpage, and your recurring mass mailings can easily have dynamic content.
  • Dada Mail supports sending messages using your local mail server via sendmail, sending via SMTP, or using the Amazon SES API.

Dada Mail is a contemporary mailing list manager, enabling you to easily run a verified mailing list that your subscribers can trust - right on your own website!

Keep complete control over your valuable mailing lists: there's no need to sign up for an expensive monthly service when you can self-host Dada Mail.

Reach your customers via email with Dada Mail and keep them connected with your special news, announcements, events, and special offers - even run community discussion lists. Private lists or public lists; anouncement lists or group lists: let Dada Mail work for you.

Easily install Dada Mail yourself on most any popular hosting setup, or have us help you with a professional installation.

Become a Pro Dada Mailer : get access to Pro Dada, our constantly updated manual, as well as direct priority support for all your Dada Mail questions.

Need more email sending power? Dada Mail optionally supports sending with Amazon SES for an almost unlimited sending capability, without going over-budget.



Features at a Glance:

Mass Mailing

  • Send both HTML, or PlainText Messages, using the supplied rich text editor (CKEditor, Tiny MCE)
  • Support for Attachments
  • Optionally convert PlainText messages to HTML (all HTML messages are sent as multipart/alternative)
  • Send an HTML message, by supplying a URL to the message (Send a Webpage). Embedded Images, and Javascript removal supported
  • Optionally convert CSS blocks in the head of HTML messages to Inline styles, automatically (requires CSS::Inliner, installed seperately)
  • Partial List Sending: send to only part of your mailing list, based on a search of subscriber's email address, and Profile Fields (First Name, Last Name, Custom Field #3, etc)
  • Send via any mail reader (Outlook, Apple's, Gmail, etc) and have full-fledged discussion lists using the included Bridge plugin
  • Save as Draft support, and messages auto-saved every minute
  • Stationery: keep persistant messages that you may then create new draft messages from
  • Schedules: schedule single or recurring mass mailing to be sent in the future

Email Analytics

  • Every Mass Mailing sent can track the following:
    • Message Opens
    • # Message Recipients
    • Clickthroughs
    • Unsubscribes
    • Bounces (soft/hard)
    • Sending Errors
    • Archive Views
    • Forwards
  • Optionally, you may track the email address of your mailing list memeber
  • Clickthrough links can be automatically tracked, or manually tracked (pick which links you would like to track)
  • Data is presented in a variety of ways: circle graphs, line graphs and tabular data
  • Data can be exported in .csv format, in many different ways: by email message, analytic type, email address, etc

Mass Mailing Monitor

  • Monitor all your current Mass Mailings
  • View which mailing are active, queued, paused or stale
  • View % done of each mass mailing, speed of mass mailing, and current mass mailing send time
  • Pause, Pickup, and Delete Mass Mailings
  • Set how many mass mailings can go out at once
  • View Mass Mailing logs, and save logs to be studied later


  • View and Search through (paginated) all your Subscribers, Black Listed, Authorized Senders, etc. Sort asc/desc by email address, or any Profile field.
  • Remove specific subscribers, as well as all subscribers at once
  • View individual subscribers, and update their email address, profile fields, and sublists they're a member of
  • Mass update members, based on advanced queries
  • View membership history of individual subscribers (subscription confirmations, subscriptions, removals, etc)

Mailing List Options

  • Make your mailing list Invite-Only, Closed, Private, and/or Hidden
  • Subscription Confirmation Options: enable/disable Closed Loop Opt-In, subscription request abuse protection, custom redirects after confirmation, subscriptions
  • Optionally approve/deny any subscription made
  • Subscription notices to list owner/entire mailing list
  • Send the newest archive to new subscribers
  • Subscribe addresses en mass via the list control panel (optional)
  • Send, "Welcome" and, "Farewell" messages
  • MX Lookup support for email validation
  • Unsubscription system fully conforms with CAN SPAM 2008: all messages sent in a mass mailing are required to have a working unsubscription link, that when clicked, goes to a screen with a simple one-field form, for the subscriber to type in their email address, to be removed (w/an optional email hint supplied)

Mail Sending

  • Send email via sendmail, SMTP or Amazon SES
  • SMTP sending supports SASL + POP-before-SMTP authentication, secure connections (SSL)
  • Set charset, content-type, message header encoding (UTF-8 is fully supported)
  • Mass Mailing supports batch sending: send # messages per hour, auto batch settings are supported for Amazon SES, which dynamically adjust according to your current SES sending limits.
  • SMTP sending supports multiple messages sent per SMTP connection; SES supports multiple messages sent per API call


  • Archive your mass mail messages,
  • Editing support
  • Publically display archives, w/search
  • Email protection options (Spam-Me-Not ReCaptcha Mailhide)
  • Forward to a Friend support
  • Gravatar support
  • rss/atom feeds of messages
  • embed HTML feed of messages in any webpage using a simple Javascript call.


  • Edit and customize a mailing list's user-facing layout and design, as well as customize a globaly used template.
  • Magic User Templates: base your user-facing template on an existing webpage
  • Edit and customize the mailing list message template, to apply a custom header and footer to all outgoing mailing list messages.
  • Edit and customize various transactional email messages Dada Mail sends, including subscription confirmation, subscription successful, unsubscription successful, and forward to a friend messages
  • Copy the subscription form HTML needed to place a subscription form for your mailing list, on any page of your website

Profiles Fields

  • Add, Edit and Remove custom Subscriber Profile Fields (First Name, Last Name, Favorite Color, etc)
  • Set default values and if the field is required or not
  • Change order of Profile Fields


Deployment Environment

  • Run under CGI or FastCGI - easy to setup, works on inexpensive hosting environments
  • Run under PSGI/Plack - high performance, perfect for very busy mailing lists

Get Dada Mail Now

  • Dada Mail
  • Free!
  • Download and Install (v11 Stable)
  • Get started with Dada Mail! Transform your install into Pro Dada later
  • No Support
  • Limitations: up to three mailing lists; 100 subscribers per mailing list
  • No access to Pro Dada Manual
  • Pro Dada, One-Year Subscription
  • $99.95/year
  • Get access to Pro Dada, the Dada Mail Manual, and direct, prioritized support
  • Direct, Prioritized Support
  • Unlimited Mailing Lists + Subscribers
  • Access to Pro Dada Manual (view online/download PDF)
  • Pro Dada, Forever Subscription
  • $199.95 one-time
  • Get access to Pro Dada, the Dada Mail Manual, and direct, prioritized support, for the Life of the Project! (15+ years and counting)
  • Direct, Prioritized Support
  • Unlimited Mailing Lists + Subscribers
  • Access to Pro Dada Manual (view online/download PDF)

See our Pro Dada/Dada Mail Manual Purchasing FAQ/T.O.S. before purchasing!

Current Pro Dada Subscribers

Log into your Pro Dada Subscriber area to download Pro Dada, View/Download the Pro Dada Manual, or Open up a Support Ticket:

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Prioritized, Direct Support

Pro Dada Subscribers received Prioritized, Direct Support from us for one installation of Pro Dada, through Zendesk. Support by us is only available to Pro Dada Subscribers.

Pro Dada also does not have List Quotas (Dada Mail: three mailing lists) or Subscription Quotas (Dada Mail: 100 subscribers per mailing list) by default.

Pro Dada also comes with the Dada Mail Manual. The Dada Mail Manual can be viewed online, as well as a PDF download.


Dada Mail

Pro Dada:
Year Subscription

Pro Dada:
Lifetime Subscription

Prioritized Support NO SUPPORT Zendesk Zendesk
Subscription Quota Per Mailing List 100 Unlimited! Unlimited!
Mailing List quota per installation 3 Unlimited! Unlimited!
Visible Link back to support site in all emails sent by the program. Yes. None. None.
Visible Links back to support site in most HTML screens created by the program Yes. None. None.
Visible Links in generated subscription form created by program Yes. None. None.
Access to Pro Dada No. Yes! One Year! Yes! Lifetime!
Access to Dada Mail Manual (Lifetime) No. Yes! One Year! Yes! Lifetime!

The Dada Mail Manual

The Dada Mail Manual is a user guide for Dada Mail:

Screenshot of the, "Dada Mail Manual" PDF download

The Dada Mail Manual covers installing Dada Mail and its plugins/extensions, upgrading, creating a new mailing list, the email templating system and almost every list control panel screen. Over 300 pages, 20 chapters and 100+ screenshots. Chapters for the list control panel screens can be accessed easily from within Pro Dada and read online:

Access the Dada Mail Manual right from your mailing list's control panel

Table of Contents of the Dada Mail Manual:

Dada Mail!

  1. Dada Mail Manual

  2. Create a New List

  3. Advice on Using Dada Mail

Installing Dada Mail

  1. Install Dada Mail

  2. Advanced Configuration with the Dada Mail Installer

  3. Install Dada Mail, Command Line Interface

Upgrading Dada Mail

  1. How to Upgrade Dada Mail

  2. Install - Upgrade FAQ

List Control Panel Screens

  1. Mass Mailing: Send a Message

  2. Mass Mailing: Send a Webpage

  3. Mass Mailing: Drafts/Stationery/Schedules

  4. Mass Mailing: Monitor Your Mailings

  5. Mass Mailing: Options

  6. Membership: View

  7. Membership: Recent Activity

  8. Membership: Edit Membership

  9. Membership: Invite/Subscribe/Add

  10. Membership: Remove

  11. Membership: Options

  12. Your Mailing List: List Information

  13. Your Mailing List: Change List Password

  14. Your Mailing List: Options

  15. Your Mailing List : Web Services API

  16. Your Mailing List: Delete This Mailing List

  17. Sending: Options

  18. Sending: Advanced Options

  19. Sending: Mass Mailing Options

  20. Message Archives: View

  21. Message Archives: Options

  22. Message Archives: Advanced Options

  23. Appearance and Templates: Your Mailing List Template

  24. Appearance and Templates: Email Message Templates

  25. Appearance and Templates: HTML Screen Templates

  26. Appearance and Templates: Subscription Form HTML

  27. Appearance and Templates: Create a Back Link

  28. Profiles: Profile Fields

  29. Your List Control Panel : Customize Feature Set

  30. Your List Control Panel: Options

  31. App Information: Configuration

  32. App Information: Scheduled Jobs

Advanced Topics

  1. Introduction to Dada Mail HTML Screen Templates

  2. The Email Templating Language and Mailing List Messages

Plugins and Extensions

  1. Introduction to Plugins and Extensions

  2. Using Tracker

  3. Using Bounce Handler

  4. Using Bridge


  1. Global Variables Configuration Guide

License and Copyright Information

  1. License and Copyright

Sample Chapters

Once you've purchased Pro Dada you'll receive, via email, your subscription login information. This will allow you to download both Pro Dada and the Dada Mail Manual. You may also read the manual online, or download a PDF version.

Dada Mail Project