Before You Purchase Pro Dada

Please try to do the following, as there are no refunds, except if you do not receive your Pro Dada/Manual login.

Pro Dada Subscription FAQ

What do I receive when I get a Pro Dada Subscription?

Three main things:

Direct, Prioritized Support

The free Dada Mail we distribute comes with no support.

A Pro Dada Subscription gives you support. Our support is currently done through Zendesk - you just have to email us to start a support ticket. We'll offer this type of support for one, single installation of Pro Dada under your Pro Dada subscription, for the term of your Pro Dada subscription.

Our prioritized, direct support includes:

Our prioritized, direct support does not include:

We're happy to provide more support than our helpdesk, but we take that on a case-per-case, consultation basis.

Pro Dada Manual

The Pro Dada Manual covers how to use Pro Dada. We offer Pro Dada both to view online, and as a PDF download. You have access to view and download the Pro Dada Manual as for as long as your subcription is current. Any personal copies of the Pro Dada Manual you have downloaded will always be available to you (no DRM).

Pro Dada

Pro Dada is a distribution of Pro Dada that we provide only to Pro Dada Subscribers. Unlike the basic Dada Mail distribution we also provide, Pro Dada does not have limitations for the number of mailing lists it supports, nor the number of subscribers per mailing list. There is no limitation on the number of installations of Pro Dada that you may have, although your single Pro Dada subcription will only be given direct, prioritized support for one of those installations.

Does a Pro Dada Subscription comes with an Installation of Pro Dada?

We also provide the service of installing Pro Dada - please see our Installation Request page for more details.

If you have purchased a Pro Dada Subscription within two weeks (14 days) and haven't been able to install it yourself, we will do an installation of Pro Dada at a reduced price to the prices we list on our installation request page. Please contact us directly, if that is the case. Your direct, prioritized support will be for the installation that we perform. We most definetely suggest trying to install our free Dada Mail distribution to see if your hosting evironment is compatible, before investing in a Pro Dada Subcription.

I'd like to extend a Pro Dada Subscription that has lapsed - what do I do?

Go ahead and just purchase another subscription. Nothing to it. You'll probably receive new login information, so make sure to update your passwords!

What's my Login Information Created With?

The login information created for Pro Dada and the Dada Mail Manual is created usually using your PayPal/Google Checkout email address as your username. This email address will be visible while logged in, presumably by you, but isn't used for anything else.

How do I receive the Purchased Copy of Pro Dada?

The login information to download a copy of Pro Dada will be emailed to your PayPa/Google Checkout address.

If you do not receive a copy of Pro Dada using PayPal within 24 hours, please contact us. Note that PayPal eChecks must clear before delivery is made.

A new version of Pro Dada has been released, how do I receive this new copy of Pro Dada?

Simply Log in and download the new version yourself.

What are the System Requirements for Pro Dada?

The system requirements for Pro Dada are the same for Dada Mail. Please double check that you meet the requirements before purchasing Pro Dada. Test the free version out before a Pro Dada purchase. If we can answer specific questions, we'll do our best to do just that.

I'd like to try out Pro Dada before I spend money on it. Is this possible?


The regular, free version is identical in features and function, except where noted in this table.

Downloading it for trial use is a great idea.

I have a question that isn't answered in this FAQ

Please contact us with any other questions that you may have regarding Pro Dada.

What is your refund policy?

We will gladly refund your money back if you do not receive your Pro Dada Subscription login (username and password). In rare occurances, our system isn't functioning properly, which doesn't allow us to send out the required login information. If that's the case, we will gladly refund your money. We monitor the system closely, and do know when it's not working correctly.

No refunds are given otherwise. If you have a question on anything about Dada Mail, please ask these questions before purchase, not after.