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Installations and Upgrades are currently 50% off! Coupon code will automatically be applied, and the total will come out to 50% Off what's labeled below:

If you're new to Dada Mail, we've set up the below installation request to give you the best array of options (marked in this fancy color) to get the most out of Dada Mail - please customize to your taste.

These options include installing Pro Dada with yearly coverage for future feature upgrades, bug and security fixes; a yearly subscription to the Pro Dada Manual, to help you understand the basics of Pro Dada, as well as take advantage of Dada Mail's most advanced features; plus installing the optional Bounce Handler plugin, to make handling bounceback messages ridiculously easy.

Along with that, our installs include:

  • Installing the following plugins/extensions/extras:
    Plugins: Bridge (for Discussion Lists), Change Root Password, Tracker (Analytics), Log Viewer, Screen Cache Manager, Change Your List Shortname; Extensions: archive blog-style index, Mutiple List Subscribe; Extras: CKEditor, Tiny MCE, KCFinder;
  • 14 day, money back guarantee on all install/upgrades.

You may tailor your own installation using the options available to you below:

Please Fill Out the Form Below:

We will do our very best to preserve you current mailing lists, archives, settings, subscribers, etc. If you have any specific customizations you're unsure will transfer over, please just let us know.
The Dada Mail Root Password is used to create new mailing lists in Dada Mail.

Basic Information

Yearly Upgrade Coverage or One-Time Installation

We suggest getting yearly upgrade coverage, as new releases are put out at a steady rate. ALL our install/upgrades come with a Pro Dada Subcription, which includes direct, prioritized support.
[Learn More] $200
[Learn More] $400

Customize Your Installation


Plugins and Extensions enhance Dada Mail, giving you extra features. We highly suggest the Bounce Handler plugin, to effortlessly handle any bounced messages that come back to you, during your mass mailings.
[Learn More] $100

Google reCAPTCHA

Setting up Google reCAPTCHA provides enhanced security for your mailing list, as well protects your installation from abuse.
[Learn More] $50

Third Party Email Sending Services

Third party email sending services, like Amazon SES, may allow you to send more messages hourly, as well as achieve better deliverabilty. There may be an extra cost associated with using these services.
[Learn More] $200
We will be asking for your hosting account's FTP and web-based login information when we receive your installation request.

Additional Comments/Questions (optional)

If you want to request something that's not listed above, need to let us know something specific about your hosting account, or have any other questions, please let us know here:

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The Installation FAQ/Fine Print

After we receive this information, we will contact you confirming this install and give you the final quote. No work will be done until we get your final approval, payment, and login credentials.

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