Services Offered

The Dada Mail Project is a one-man operation. I have over 15 years experience with designing, developing, testing, and supporting web-based applications. I am available for direct support, customization, and consultation of Dada Mail. Please email me for my current terms and rates.

HTML Email Design

I have extensive experience with developing HTML Email layouts and designs, using the Foundation for Emails framework. I offer Dada Mail theme customization, as well as help with designing your vitally important email messages to have the most effect on your campaign, using Dada Mail, or whatever system you are currently utilizing. Designs are responsive and work across most mail readers, both desktop and mobile. I test compatibility using Litmus. Once created, I can help for further campaigns, or hand off the tooling required to your organization.

Support for Legacy Perl Applications

Dada Mail is written in Perl, which makes it one of my bread and butter dynamic languages of choice. Do you have a current Perl application that needs features added, bugs fixed, or help migrating to another platform? Contact me.

Prioritized Support for Dada Mail

We offer prioritized support to current Pro Dada subscribers through Zendesk:


I am located in Boulder, CO, USA - have a look at my resume.

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