Installation FAQ/Fine Print

Is There a Demo of Dada Mail Available? I would like to test drive the program out before I commit to a paid installation.

There is! Please see:

Is my Installaton/Upgrade Supported?

Yes! All our installations comes with a subcription to Pro Dada, which includes direct, prioritized support via our Helpdesk service (Zendesk) and access to the Pro Dada Manual. One-time installations/upgrades come with a one month subscription to Pro Dada; installs/upgrades that come with one-year of included upgrades also come with a one-year installation of Pro Dada.

I don't know if I meet the requirements for Dada Mail to run on my server

For us to do an installation, please make sure your account meets the following:

Complete system requirements are listed here and we do have a list of Dada Mail-friendly hosts if you're having trouble deciding on a new host.

If you are unsure on how to find this information, you may want to email your webhost and see if they have the resources available for Dada Mail. For example:

I am interested installing a custom CGI app on my account. 
It has the following requirements to meet:

* Hosted on a Unix/Linux server (not a Windows-based server)

* The ability to run custom CGI apps 
* Perl version 5.10.1 or later
* MySQL or Postgres supprot, plus either DBD::mysql or DBD::Pg CPAN Perl modules
* The ability to send out emails - either using the sendmail command or via an SMTP connection
* The ability to set cronjobs/scheduled tasks

Also, does my account have any restrictions with the number of emails that 
may be sent out in a given time? This application has the ability to throttle 
mail sending to stay within limitations that may be imposed. 

Does my account meet these requirements? If not, is there an
upgrade to a plan that does? 


You may also want to research your webhost's Terms Of Service regarding mailings lists. Some do not allow mailing lists to be set up. Others have limitations to the amount of email that can be sent out at one time. Limitations can be worked around, but it's best not to break the TOS with your webhost.

Please note: it is your responsibility to find this information out: If we receive your installation request, ask for the login details and installation fee, receive the total funds and installation fee, complete the upgrade/installation give you the details of the installation and then you use the program to only then find that there is some limitation in your hosting account that you did not tell us in advance, we will not issue a refund.

What's the Warranty/Refund Policy for a Pro Dada Install/Upgrade?

We encourage our clients to ask questions before an installation, to make sure Dada Mail is a good choice for their needs. Questions about features, resources needed, and what to expect from the application would be good questions to ask.

We also encourage that all new installations and upgrades be tested by our clients, as soon as an installation/upgrade is ready. If you do find a problem, please! let us know! There is a timeframe of 14 days between when a paid installation/upgrade is complete where we will try to fix any and all issues that you may have, provided that we deem the problems you're experiencing bugs in the program itself and not a limitation of your server, or simply a feature you would like, that Dada Mail is missing.

If we cannot resolve the problems you are having to our own standards, we'll give you the option to ask for a refund. This DOES NOT include a scenario where you attempt to overload Dada Mail with too many susbscribers for which your hosting account is realistically suited for. This does not include missing features.

Bugs in the program are found and are resolved all the time - it's the nature of software. We do release versions of Dada Mail that are primarily bug fix releases.

For one-time installations: As well as the 14 day money back guarantee, we will be happy to upgrade your Pro Dada installation/upgrade with any bug fix release we put out, for a period of 30 days, from your paid installation/upgrade.

Our refund policy DOES NOT COVER:

Features you would like Dada Mail to have, but it currently does not have. Our refund policy covers bugs we cannot fix. Please review the support site and ask us about features you require and scenarios that would would like to run Dada Mail under, and we will be happy to assist you, in addressing if Dada Mail is a good solution. If a feature you would like is missing, we can be hired to create it for you.

When Do You Start Working On My Installation/Upgrade?

We will start working on your installation/upgrade as soon as we have received the proper login information to do the job - usually access via FTP/ssh and your hosting control panel login, and when we have been given the go-ahead to start by you, confirming that the price for the installation/upgrade is correct and what you expect.

If we find that we need more information, we'll let you know. We try to be timely on our installations, but if we continue to need further information, we can only estimate the time that we can finish, based upon when we get all the information needed to the installation. This information is usually just your FTP login and web-based control panel login information, but in some cases, could mean more - especially if you host yourself on your own custom environment.

In detail, how will you install Dada Mail (changes to my account, locations of saved files, etc) ?

Our number one concern when installation Dada Mail is security.

Because of this, we take as many precautions as possible. We:

Our next concern when installing Dada Mail is upgradability

We feel that it's important to keep current with the newest version of Dada Mail as painlessly as possible. To do this, we

When installing Dada Mail, we will be placing one new directory in the cgi-bin of your hosting account. We will be placing one new directory in your hosting account's home directory to save list information. No other changes to your account will be made.

Installations are tested to make sure:

If you have any other questions/concerns on what the program can do or how it's set up, please let us know beforehand, not during and not after an installation is done. Giving us your account password after we get back to you is your confirmation that the installation/upgrade will commence as outlined.

How can I pay you?

Currently, we can accept PayPal, credit cards via Google Checkout or a check mailed to us. If none of these methods work, please let us know before we start an installation/upgrade. We do prefer PayPal/Google Checkout, for convenience.

When Do You Expect Payment?

Payment is expected after we finalize what you would like installed, right before we start work for all installations. Receiving payment is our signal that you have confirmed that you would like the installation/upgrade.

For all installations and upgrades, if the installation/upgrade is cancelled by the client (you) before we have completed the installation, we will refund no less than half of the payment back, at our discretion.

What else do you need from me, before you can get started?

Other than Payment and your correct Login Permissions, you do need to have a working hosting account. For us, this means that you can give us a username/password combo that allows both of us to add/edit/delete files in your public html directory.

We are not going to set up your hosting account for you.

This includes setting up a hosting account on a Virtual Private Server, co-located server, dedicated server or anything like that - we're not going to do it. Before we come in, we need at the very least, a website up and permissions to install the program on. Setting up a hosting account is well beyond the pale of installing Dada Mail.

What is the timeframe from installation request to finished installation?

Depending on how busy we are, this can be anywhere from the same day to about a week, the average being 3 days. When we answer your request for installation, we will give you a fairly accurate timeframe as to when the installaton/upgrade will be completed. We will contact you if we have to make any ammendments to this timeframe. If you need the program installation in a hurry we may be able to accomodate for a slightly higher installation/upgrade price for the "convenience".