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URLs in list messages

July 21st 2016

URLs in list messages Could someone explain to me how dada handles links placed in messages? So, I see a link to a website in the message I receive from a list, say: https://www.Google.com But if I right-click and copy the link it appears like so: http://www.mydomain.net/cgi-bin/dada/mail.cgi/r/listname/077417867518/joe.smith/email.com/ I click on that link in the mail message, and it redirects to www.Google.com, for example, as expected. So, I assume dada stores the actual url somewhere, but I don't really understand ...Continue Reading

Re: Dada Mail Developers Digest

July 19th 2016

> On Jul 19, 2016, at 8:57 AM, Mary Ann Kelley maryann@PROTECTED [Dada Mail Developers] wrote: > > Justin, any thoughts on the issue with saving schedules not working? I don't right this second, although I would first see if the problem does truly happen only on https-enabled sites. That seems a little suspect. Other than that, the usual song-and-dance: report relevant error logs, a simple way to recreate the problem, etc. ...Continue Reading

Re: Dada Mail Developers Digest

July 19th 2016

Thanks for the reply, Arthur. With HostGator you would do well to use Amazon SES for sending. It won’t solve the problem with saving schedules, but it will help immensely with your sending. I was managing a list for my daughter’s gymnastics team on shared hosting at HostGator and switched to SES - it was well worth it and for a small list it’s very inexpensive ($2-3/mo for our lists).Justin, any thoughts on the issue with saving schedules not working? Warm regards,Mary Ann* On Jul 13, 2016, at 1:09 PM, The Maharshi &nb ...Continue Reading

Re: Dada Mail Developers Digest

July 13th 2016

Re: Dada Mail Developers Digest Mary> clicking Save Schedule does not save any settings...i been noticing something similar,but i've found that doing a refresh 'makes it right'when switching lists - only part of the screen indicates a changehitting refresh completes it.i only run 2 small lists,on Hostmonster, and recently triggered one of their load-balancing cutoffsso this issue may be specific to my having an unfamiliar layer of cache getting in the way.arthur-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --from: Dada Mail Developers ...Continue Reading

Re: Dada not saving scheduled time & date since SSL installed

July 13th 2016

Update on this - clicking Save Schedule does not save any settings regardless of whether the Activate box is checked. If I have checked Activate and set a time, when the page reloads after clicking Save Schedule the time is empty and the Activate box is unchecked. On the other hand, if I click Send Test, it saves all of the settings and activates the mailing if that box is checked. Definitely some kind of bug in the Save Schedule code that I never had a problem with before installing the security certificate. Warm ...Continue Reading

v9.5.0 Released - StopForumSpam Integration

July 11th 2016

Howdy everyone - v9.5.0 is out the door. Big news is the StopForumSpam integration that's enabled by default. I would very much suggest upgrading to this version, as it adds yet more protection against you and bot attacks. Good stuff, for sure. Full changeling below. Download and install: http://dadamailproject.com/d/install_dada_mail.pod.html :: Features .: StopForumSpam Integration The StopForumSpam service (http://stopforumspam.com/) keeps a database of email addresses, locations, and usernames known to be ...Continue Reading

Dada not saving scheduled time & date since SSL installed

July 11th 2016

I am having a new error since installing a security certificate. When I save a scheduled mailing, the time and date for the schedule doesn’t save unless the mailing is active. I don’t activate the mailing until all the testing is complete, but I do need to save the time and date for the schedule before that point. This was never a problem until I installed the security certificate, so I am assuming it has something to do with that. Ideas? Warm regards, Mary Ann ...Continue Reading


July 5th 2016

Test - happy 4th! ...Continue Reading

Dada Mail v9.5.0 Beta 1 Released: StopForumSpam integration, Unconfirmed Subscribers viewable, more subscriber Exporting options

June 29th 2016

Howdy all, v9.5.0 beta 1 is out the door. Download and install (pro version is also available), http://dadamailproject.com/support/documentation-9_5_0-beta1/install_dada_mail.pod.html Give it a go! Good features within that need some real-world shakedowns, Changelog is below: :: Features .: StopForumSpam Integration The StopForumSpam service (http://stopforumspam.com/) keeps a list of email addresses, locations, and usernames known to be used for abuse attempts of web apps like forums, blogs, and mailing list ...Continue Reading

Viewing the, "Not Yet Confirmed" sublist, and more export options

June 28th 2016

Howdy all, Along with the StopForumSpam service integration, I've had an itching to make the Membership >> View screen more useful. The first thing I've worked on, is making the list of addresses that have completed the first step of a subscription, but haven't confirmed their subscription (by clicking the confirmation link in the email you send) viewable. That's done! I'd also like to have an easy way to resend that confirmation from within the list control panel (or remove the address from the sublist ...Continue Reading
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