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Dada Mail 8.4.0 Released

July 31st 2015

Dada Mail v8.3.0 Released, 25% Off Install/Upgrade Coupon Code Inside

June 29th 2015

Dada Mail 8.2.0 Released: Recurring Scheduled Mass Mailings, Magic Templates

June 17th 2015

Pro Dada Forever, 20% Off for a Limited Time

April 28th 2015

Dada Mail 8.0.1 Released, Discounts on Install/Upgrades End Soon

April 21st 2015

Dada Mail Eight is here. Upgrade with this coupon code:

March 31st 2015

Dada Mail v7.4.1 Released, Announcing: Dada Mail 8

February 23rd 2015

Dada Mail Seven Four Released: Digest Messages and Schedules

December 16th 2014

Dada Mail Seven Four Released: Digest Messages and Schedules

December 16th 2014

Thanksgiving Week Install/Upgrade Specials: 20% off for Subscribers

November 24th 2014

Dada Mail 7.3 Released - Subscriber-only Installation/Upgrade Coupon Code Inside

October 13th 2014

Dada Mail v7.1.0 Released: Save Messages as Stationary

July 10th 2014

Introducing Dada Mail Seven, PDF User Manual and Something Just for Subscribers

April 7th 2014

Try out the next major version of Dada Mail - v7

March 20th 2014

Dada Mail v6.8.0 Released

January 2nd 2014

Released: v6.7.0 - Save as Draft, Enhanced Attachments, jQuery Plugin

October 1st 2013

Dada Mail v6.6.0 Released - Three Main Features:

September 4th 2013

Dada Mail v6.5.1 Released - Better Compatibility with Internet Explorer

August 4th 2013

Dada Mail v6.5.0 Released - Pro Dada/Manual Offer

July 15th 2013

Dada Mail v6.4.0 Released - Install/Upgrade Special for Subscribers

May 28th 2013

Dada Mail v6.4.0 Beta Released!

May 10th 2013

Dada Mail v6.3.0 Released!

April 9th 2013

Dada Mail v6.1.0 Released - Important Security Enhancements

February 19th 2013

Dada Mail SIX Released

January 7th 2013

Introducing Dada Mail 6

December 10th 2012

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