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Happy Holidays from Dada Mail! New Release: v10.7.2

December 29th 2017

Success in the Highest Mountains of Colorado!

October 5th 2017

v10.7.0 Released - Easily Use Dada Mail with Google Analytics Campaigns

July 6th 2017

v10.6.0 Released - New Summer Email Themes in Pro Dada + Notice of Summer Sabatical

June 21st 2017

Pro Dada Subscriptions: sale ends tomorrow, June 1st

May 31st 2017

Sale on Pro Dada Subscriptions Ends on June 1st

May 16th 2017

Pro Dada Subscriptions, On Sale (Only For Subscribers!)

April 26th 2017

v10.5.0 Released: Meet the new bundled file browser: Rich Filemanager!

March 24th 2017

v10.4.0 Released: Adding images to your messages is now easier than ever

February 22nd 2017

Supercharge Dada Mail

February 2nd 2017

Dada Mail 10.3.0: Turn Website Updates Into Newsletter Campaigns, Automatically!

January 4th 2017

Enhanced Google reCAPTCHA Security, Holiday Sale Extended, And We've Found a Great Host For You!

December 7th 2016

👀 Minty Fresh, Ocean Dream, Flamingo Park: New Themes Bundled In With Dada Mail 10.1.0

November 28th 2016

v10.0.2 Released - Get 20% Off Install/Upgrades, Newsletter Subscribers Only

November 15th 2016

Dada Mail v10 Released: Email Themes, Layouts, Preview Before You Send

November 2nd 2016

Announcing Dada Mail 10

October 13th 2016

v9.6.0 Released - More Protection, Just as Simple to Use

August 4th 2016

v9.5.0 Released - Get the protection you need against bot attacks

July 11th 2016

Dada Mail v9.4.0 - Enhanced App Security with Rate Limiting

June 20th 2016

Welcome, Dada Mail 9.3.0 - And Our Summer Sale

June 7th 2016

Dada Mail v9.2.0 Released - we're not robots, are we?

March 23rd 2016

We have a ton of cool things to show you in the new Dada Mail:

December 29th 2015

Dada Mail v9 Released

December 8th 2015

Announcing: Dada Mail Nine

November 18th 2015

End of the Summer Sale: 20% off Pro Dada Forever and Pro Installations

August 20th 2015

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