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At the moment, there aren't many people with CVS access for Dada Mail - if you would like CVS access, please first talk about the changes you propose and how it will affect the program. If the idea is sound and agreed upon, the change will be comitted. A good track record of this will allow you to have CVS access. Some reasons that patches will not be accepted is if the patch breaks compatibility with a previous version of the program, the patch is too centric to your own problem or the patch simply isn't very good.

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Another sneaky reason for this mailing list is to test out the discussion list capabilities of Dada Mail, since Dada Mail is used for the mailing list itself.

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Re: PSGI/Plack Support in Dada Mail

Sent February 25th 2015

> I can provide a sample config for the documentation if you want. Sure, I'd love to see it. I'm working on setting up a doc on deployment, as I work on PSGI support - I guess this will be testable in v8 alpha 3, as alpha 2 just doesn't have the support. Here's what I've got so far: :: Installing: use the command line tool - here's a sample incantation to install Dada Mail: sudo ./install.cgi --program_url \ --dada_root_pass secret \ --support_files_dir_path /Library/WebServer/Documents \...

Re: PSGI/Plack Support in Dada Mail

Sent February 25th 2015

Re: PSGI/Plack Support in Dada Mail This email reminded me that I forgot to reply that I have an answer for why FastCGI wasn't working. It was an Nginx configuration issue.  I haven't done all of the testing yet, but the site does come up properly. I can provide a sample config for the documentation if you want. Moshe On Feb 24, 2015 6:06 PM, "Justin J [Dada Mail Developers]" <> wrote: Hello Everyone, Good news! I have been playing with getti...

PSGI/Plack Support in Dada Mail

Sent February 24th 2015

Hello Everyone, Good news! I have been playing with getting Dada Mail running under PSGI/Plack. Background: (think Rack for Ruby, or WSGI for Python). It's still in its infancy, but I was able to get Dada Mail running under PSGI/nginx without too much both, which leads me excited, so it's now an install option to work with. That's going to be a pretty great option to run Dada Mail when performance matters and is another avenue if you want to run Dada Mail under FastCGI, in a strange weird wa...

Dada Mail v7.4.1 Release

Sent February 21st 2015

Hello! Dada Mail v7.4.1 has been released! This is a bug fix release, fixing issues found in the v7.4.0 release. Download and Install: Changelog is below - most of the issues were found when working on the new v8 alpha, and then backported: Summary 7.4.1 This version is primarly a bugfix release, fixing issues found in the v7.4.0 release Some of these issues are as follows: • Digests Digests messages were not going out correc...

Dada Mail v8 Alpha 2 Release

Sent February 19th 2015

Hello everyone - v8 alpha 2 is out the door! * Download and Install: This release contains many changes from the alpha 1 release: > 2,244 additions and 2,174 deletions. So it's worth checking out. Loads of fixes - especially for the Bridge plugin, which seemed downright broken. Love to get additional feedback - I'm runni...


Sent February 18th 2015

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Sent February 18th 2015

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Sent February 18th 2015

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Re: v8.0.0 Alpha 1 Released!

Sent February 17th 2015

> From: Moshe Katz > It appears that CGI::Fast has some issues, though I can't seem to find out why. See for details. Do you know anything about this, or know anyone who might be able to shed some light? No, I don't have much light to shed. As it stands, I've only tested Dada Mail on Apache using mod_fcgi/mod_fastcgi (whichever it is). Something like a reverse proxy setup on nginx isn't something I've played with, yet...

Re: v8.0.0 Alpha 1 Released!

Sent February 17th 2015

(sorry the following message didn't get sent out correctly - my fault!) From: Moshe Katz Date: February 14, 2015 at 9:24:15 PM MST To: Dada Mail Developers Subject: Re: v8.0.0 Alpha 1 Released! Justin, I'm sorry for taking so long to report back on my tests on this. See below for why... The idea looks great so far. However, I haven't managed to get FastCGI to work fully. (I was able to see the interface for setup using a CGI Wrapper that I have mentioned on this email list in the past, but I am specifically try...

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