NAME DADA::MailingList::Schedules


 my $mss = DADA::MailingList::Schedules->new({-list => 'listshortname'}); 


This module holds shared methods used for the Beatitude scheduled mailer. The rest of the methods are located in DADA::MailingList::Schedules::MLDb.

Public Methods


 my $report = $mss->run_schedules(-test => 0);

Returns a nicely formatted report of the schedules that were run.

If the -test argument is passed with a value of 1, the schedules will go until actual mailing.


 my $mailing_schedule = $mss->mailing_schedule($key);

returns a reference to an array of times that a schedule saved in $key has to be sent out.



returns a date that's pretty to look at, when given a number of seconds since epoch.


 my ($mail_status, $checksums) 
        = $self->_send_scheduled_mailing(
                                                                        -key   => $rec_key, 
                                                                        -test  => 0, 
                                                                        -hold  => 1,

Sends an individual schedule, as defined by the information in -key. if -hold is set to 1, mailing will be queued until all schedules are run. (should be set to 1). If -test is set to 1, only a test mailing (message to the list owner) will be run.

Private Methods



messages are queued up before being sent. Calling this method will send these queued messages.


 my ($send_flags, $checksums, $message) = $self->_build_email(-key => $key);

Creates an email message ($message) that can then be sent with DADA::Mail::Send. It also returns the hashref, $send_flags that will denote any problems with message building, as well as a MD5 checksum of the message itself.


my ($flags, $checksum, $headers, $message) = $self->_create_text_ver(-record => $record, -type => 'PlainText');

Creates the text part of an email, using the information saved in the $record record. Returns any problemswith building the message in $flags ($hashref), a checksum in $checksum, headers (hashref) in $headers and the actual message in $message. -type needs to be either PlaintText or HTML.


 my $data = $self->_from_file($filename); 

Grabs the contents of a file, returns contents.


        my $data = $self->_from_url($url); 

returns the $data fetched from a URL


 my $cmp_cs = $self->_create_checksum($data_ref);       

Returns an md5 checksum of the reference to a scalar being passed.


 my $we_gotta_virgin = $self->_virgin_check($record->{$type . '_ver'}->{checksum}, \$data); 

Figures if a copy of a message has previously been sent, using the previous checksum value.


 ($headers, $data) = $self->_grab_headers($data) if $record->{$type . '_ver'}->{grab_headers_from_message} == 1;

Splits the message in $data into headers and a body.


 my $type = $self->_find_mime_type('filename.txt'); 

Attempts to figure out the MIME type of a filename.


Copyright (c) 1999 - 2014 Justin Simoni All rights reserved.

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