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Re: Is there an archive kept here?

July 18th 2005 UTC

> Is there an archive kept here? Sure is: Although, I think, "is there an archive" was the initial post :) Justin Simoni ...Continue Reading

non-subscribers allowed to send to discussion list

July 18th 2005 UTC

Justin wrote > If you'd like, I'll discuss this problem further on the dev mailing list... I would like very much. :-] I sent a message to this list from a different address and it was properly rejected. But the discussion list I am maintaining is allowing messages from non-subscribers. I'm using Dada Mail 2.9.2 with and smtp. What other information would be useful in finding where the problem might be? -- curmudgeon ...Continue Reading

Is there an archive kept here?

July 18th 2005 UTC

Is there an archive kept here? ...Continue Reading
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