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New Alpha Version Coming Soon, Request For Feedback

August 7th 2005 UTC

OK, I've been promising at least Shane an alpha version for all of us to work with (and be on the same page) for quite a while, and I may in fact be able to go to something like that tonight. Every summer I seem to want to hold hands with pretty girls and walk mindlessly in parks more than I want to stare at my Powerbook all day... Regardless :), I wanted to give people some fair warning before I bundle basically what's in CVS now + a few tweaks and produce a working alpha which will be very much incomple ...Continue Reading

Re: iframe replacement - browser testing appreciated

August 7th 2005 UTC

Hmm, I think I wasn't too clear on what I liked about iFrames: That you can should pretty much exactly how the message is formatted. What I don't like about iFrames is that it's stuck in, well, an iFrame - I don't want double scroll bars, or a box the message is trapped inside of. This solution would give me what I hate about iFrames coupled with the shortcomings of putting the content inline. :) I like the width can automatically change, but so can text outside of the faked iFrame. I guess what I'd love ...Continue Reading

Re: iframe replacement - browser testing appreciated

August 7th 2005 UTC

Thanks for the testing, Bruce! I've updated the page accordingly. And while I haven't seen any stats lately (NN7, anyone?), I think that takes care of the majors. So notwithstanding the fringe browsers, here are your frame-like archived-message options (when the time comes), Justin: - an iFrame, set at a fixed width; - or a variable-width "fakeFrame"...that won't let Mac users fondle their new Mighty Mice as much as they want to. ...Continue Reading

Re: iframe replacement - browser testing appreciated

August 7th 2005 UTC

Brilliant! Good work! Firefox/Mac -- width & overall function good, but no keyboard scrolling or scrollwheel scrolling. Safari/Mac -- ditto IE 5.2.3/Mac -- ditto. When the page is first loaded, the fake iframe has a horizontal scrollbar which disappears when the window is resized. -- curmudgeon ...Continue Reading

iframe replacement - browser testing appreciated

August 7th 2005 UTC

> If the iFrame automatically  > adjusted itself to the width of the page/div it's in...   Well, percentage widths *are* part of its spec! ...but having now done some browser testing on my own, I'm choking on my choice of the word "elegant." Yuck!   So I've thrown together a CSS-based replacement for your/our consideration. It's certainly cleaner and more consistent with Dada Mail's style, ...and if it works well enough cross-browser, switching from "inline/framed" to &qu ...Continue Reading

Re: RFC: How should HTML archives be viewed?

August 6th 2005 UTC

> Note: your putting the message content within the iframe element is > unnecessary. Leaving it empty as follows: > > > > works just as well...and makes it not just an "appropriate" > solution, but an > *elegant* one as well. > It's put in there in case your browser does not have iframe support; Which browser doesn't? Good question - probably PDA's and the ilk? I personally don't like the iFrame idea. If the iFrame automatically adjusted itself to the width of the page/div ...Continue Reading

Re: RFC: How should HTML archives be viewed?

August 6th 2005 UTC

Let's try that again but in English: "And at minimum -- which means you're deleting everything else before & after the -- you'd probably also want to DELETE any inline scripting the message might have, too, for security reasons." ...Continue Reading

Re: RFC: How should HTML archives be viewed?

August 6th 2005 UTC

> I wanted you guy's opinion on how HTML archive messages should > be viewed. At the moment ... HTML messages are stuck in > a iFrame, to preserve any formatting that > they may have. The rub on this is, well, it's stuck in an iFrame and > there's an extra scroll bar and it doesn't really work well with > anything else. Scrollbar, schmollbar -- I think the iframe looks fine, once you remove its extra CSS-styled border! And as far as its /function/ goes, it seems like a perfectly appropriate solution ...Continue Reading

Re: RFC: How should HTML archives be viewed?

August 5th 2005 UTC

On Thu, Aug 04, 2005 at 05:20:03AM -0000, Dada Mail (Justin Simoni) wrote: > 3) Make (1 and (2 a pref so I can switch back and forth I like options and agree that the iframe is a bit clunky looking. William ...Continue Reading

RE: Test test test..

August 4th 2005 UTC

> you *won't* get inline images > in plain text. Yeah, I know, didn't want to play nice and I decided not to send another mail everyone's way. > Juatin, have you checked what I wrote in > > board=sending;action=display;num=1117916594 > ? Yes, I have. This isn't about working on having Dada embed inline images, this is about it displaying them. I'm probably not going to add back support for Dada Mail to display inline images until it can ...Continue Reading
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