Around v5.0.0 to v5.0.3 (the actually version this problem happens is fuzzy), there is/was a problem with the Tracker plugin, where it wouldn't successfully track the Number of Subscribers at the time of a mass mailing, or this metric wasn't being tracked, because of a user preference (Enable Subscriber Count Logging was unchecked).

Some related bugs:

This leads to a major problem, as Tracker uses this one metric to grab all the mass mailings that it shows in its reports. No "Number of Subscriber" report, no report for anything else.

tracker_add_missing_num_subs.cgi adds that missing entry into the database. You can get a preview of what this plugin will most likely achieve in the Tracker before running this script. In the Tracker Preferences, uncheck the option, Clean Up Tracker Reports. Your missing entries should now be shown, although other, "garbage" entries will probably also be shown, such as Test Mass Mailings.

Since the number of subscribers of a past mass mailing is unknown, it will simply add a new entry and record, 0 subscribers. (You may later manualy fix this in the SQL table, if you would like.).

This script also makes some assumptions, so not to make a new "Number of Subscribers" entry for every single thing in the Tracker Log:

This plugin also only works with any of the SQL backends, and does not work with the Default (plaintext logs) Backend.


No configuration will need to be done in this script itself. The permissions of this script simply need to be set to, 755.


Please fix backup the dada_mass_mailing_event_log table in your SQL database. Although this script will not remove any data from your database, it will potentially add data and add quite a bit data.

Visit tracker_add_missing_num_subs.cgi in your web browser, or run the script via the command line. Be aware that running the script may potentially take several minutes, depending on how many entries in the database you have, how many lists you have - things like that.

Once the script is finished, visit the Tracker plugin and see if the missing Message entries are now visible. The Tracker Summary graph itself will probably have some wildly changing entries, as the actual Subscribers data is not available.


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