Requirements to Run Dada Mail


Requirements needed to run Dada Mail

Dada Mail is designed to be fairly flexible in the type of environment you run it in, so long as that environment is Unix/Linux-like, you have access to Perl v5.10.1 or later and your web server can execute CGI scripts.


For the most part, Dada Mail is a web application; you interact with it via a web browser and it lives on top of a web server.

Dada Mail can be run is a simple CGI app, a FastCGI app, or as a PSGI app.

Dada Mail is not a desktop application.

When we talk about what operating system, version of Perl, etc that's needed for Dada Mail to run - we're talking about what's needed on the server end. All you need to use Dada Mail is a modern web browser (we suggest Mozilla Firefox) and because of this, any operating system that can run a modern web browser can be used.

Supported Operating Systems

Linux, Free BSD and Mac OS X should all work well.

Solaris should also work well, but there are some issue with Sun's file locking system and Dada Mail. There may be workarounds.

Dada Mail isn't ever tested on a Windows Server or even Apache running on top of Windows.

Perl 5.10.1

Sometimes, the default system Perl is a lower version that v5.10.1, but a more up-to-date version of Perl may be available at a different location than the what Dada Mail is set to, by default (/usr/bin/perl). More information:

Since Dada Mail is a CGI app, you'll need support for Perl CGI scripts within your web server environment.

Dada Mail is not a PHP script, so the version of PHP that you have available will not make much of a difference.

Mail Transport Agent

Dada Mail can pass messages to send to a sendmail-like command that applications like sendmail, qmail, postfix, exim, etc come with, or it can pass messages using the SMTP protocol. Amazon SES support is also available. You will need one of these. Dada Mail is not an SMTP server itself.

Backend Options

SQL Backend

Dada Mail is tested with MySQL 5, PostgreSQL 8 and SQLite 3. We highly suggest using Dada Mail with either MySQL or PostgreSQL.

To utilize these backends, not only will you have to have these databases installed, you will need the Perl driver for these databases:

If these modules are not available, you'll need to install them using the operating system package management system, or using the cpan or cpanm command line tool, which should be installed when Perl is installed, or some hosts (like cPanel) may have a way to install Perl modules through cPanel. See:


Dada Mail is shipped with an installer. It can also upgrade your Dada Mail.

Guide to Hosting Companies


is a very incomplete list of hosting companies that seem to work well with Dada Mail.

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