Moving Dada Mail to a new Server/Account

Migration/Moving Dada Mail


Moving Dada Mail between servers will basically require you to move three sets of Things:

Once you've migrated over these three items, you will need to reconfigure Dada Mail for the new environment.

Old Server: Download

Download Dada Mail, "The App"

First, download Dada Mail, "The App". This will most likely be the directory named, dada, that's located in your cgi-bin directory. It'll be the same directory that contains the, mail.cgi file, when you map the URL of Dada Mail to the server path.

For example, if the URL to Dada Mail is:

You'll know that you're, dada directory is located in your cgi-bin direcotry. Download that dada directory.

Download the .dada_files directory

Download the, .dada_files directory - it's usually locaed in your home directory, and the path to this directory is a part of your $PROGRAM_CONFIG_FILE_DIR variable.

For example, if that variable is set to,


Download the directory, /home/youraccount/.dada_files

Export the SQL Database

New Server: Upload Stuff

Now, you basically just have to upload everything you just downloaded.

Upload Dada Mail, "The App"

We again suggest to upload the, dada directory into the new account's cgi-bin.

Upload the .dada_files directory

We suggest placing this directory in your home directory.

Import the SQL Database

head2 New Server: Reconfigure the app

Once everything is in place, you'll need to now reconfigure Dada Mail to work in your new environment, as paths will probably be different, and SQL login information will have been updated.

Drop back into the installer using the following directions,

You may need to adjust the Program URL, The dada_mail_support_files directory, as well as your MySQL login information.

Once these values are correct, finish up the installation process as before.

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