Mojo Mail 2.x to Dada Mail 2.x Guide

Upgrading Dada Mail from Mojo Mail 2.8.9 and below

The Really Really Good News

2.8.10 of Dada Mail is backwards compatible with all versions below, most of the name changes are superficial (ie, the name was changed, nothing else). This document is to get you familiar with this tweaked interface, both inside and out. It's not too too scary, but is hopefully exhausting.

Differences In Terms

So not to have to repeat myself everytime, I'll use a similar notation of

for all the changes. If there are any notes, I'll provide them after the changed term.

Programs, Scripts and Files Renamed

This means instead of a url like this:

you'll now see:

Also, the MOJO directory has been renamed, DADA, but we'll get to that in much more detail.

These couple few are Magic Book scripts:

The Four Required variables

Easy enough.

Other Variables

Library Directory Structure

The Dada Mail library now goes under the name of DADA instead of MOJO. I am not going to list every single library file, but here are some examples.

We're good? Good. Now (and this is the important bit) if you do have a customized program that uses these libraries files, make sure you change those as well, example:

etc, etc.

List Settings

There's only one list setting that has been renamed:

Template tags

And the rest

If I totally missed something, you can make a best guess that any other reference:

Dada Mail Project