Install Dada Mail, Command Line Interface

Dada Mail Installation/Configuration - Command Line Interface

Dada Mail is installed/configured using the included installer, either using the installer's web-based interface, or the command line interface.

The web-based interface works great if you are setting up and running Dada Mail in a CGI environment. Otherwise, you probably will want to use the command line interface.

Installing Dada Mail via the CLI

Download Dada Mail

The latest version of Dada Mail will be listed on:

if you are a Pro Dada subscription, you may download the most recent version of Pro Dada at:

Copy the distribution to the directory you would like to install Dada Mail under.

Uncompress the Distribution

Uncompress Dada Mail - this will create a new directory named dada. Change into this directory:

    gunzip dada-9_6_1.tar.gz
    tar -xvf dada-9_6_1.tar
    cd dada

In the dada directory, rename the, installer-disabled directory to simply, install and change into this directory. Once in the installer directory, change the permissions of the install.cgi script to, 755:

    mv installer-disabled installer
    cd installer
    chmod 755 install.cgi

You're now ready to run the install.cgi install/configuration script.

To make sure permissions are set correctly, we suggest running the install.cgi script under the same owner as will run Dada Mail (or change the ownership of the files at a later on - just don't forget!)

Introduction to the Installation/Configuration Process

The install.cgi script takes care of the following jobs:

The install.cgi script does not take care of any web server configuration. If you run Dada Mail under PSGI/Plack, you will need to configure your webserver (nginx, most likely) to run Dada Mail, once you start the PSGI process.

More on running Dada Mail under PSGI/Plack:

Required Paramaters

The following parameters are required, if you're installing Dada Mail. If you are upgrading Dada Mail, there are separate options to make things easier:


Dada Mail needs a certain directory structure to keep its configuration files, temporary files, etc in. The top directory will be called, ".dada_files" and will need to be readable/writable to whatever process runs Dada Mail.

Set --dada_files_loc to the parent directory you would like the .dada_files directory to be created in.


The URL that will be used to access Dada Mail.


The Dada Mail Root Password you'd like to use

--support_files_dir_path --support_files_dir_url

Dada Mail keeps its static files in a directory called, "dada_mail_support_files" (images/javascripts,etc). Set the parent directory this should be created in using these two parameters.

--support_files_dir_path should contain the absolute server path to this directory

--support_files_dir_url should contain the URL that maps to this directory


The backend you'd like to use. Can be set to use any of the following:

If you set, --backend to either, mysql, or, Pg, you will also have to pass the following parameters:

Optional Paramaters


Dada Mail defaults to, "CGI". Supported are the following:


Takes a comma separated (no space between the comma) list of plugin/extension names.

The following plugins/extensions are supported:


        --install_plugins mailing_monitor,change_root_password,screen_cache

This also works:

        --install_plugins mailing_monitor --install_plugins change_root_password --install_plugins screen_cache


You may pass one of the following (or both), to setup and install the following WYSIWYG editors:


    --install_wysiwyg_editors ckeditor,tiny_mce


pass either, kcfinder to install the KCFinder File Browser, or pass, core5_filemanager to install the Core5 Filemanager.

Unlike the, --install_wysiwyg_editors option, --install_file_browser (and Dada Mail) only supports installing one file browser/manager at a time.

Amazon SES

Dada Mail supports Amazon SES to send messages out, sending verification email messages and to find out your sending stats and limitations. More information on Amazon SES support:

To enable Amazon SES support you will need to pass your AWSAccessKeyId and AWSSecretKey.


An example of invoking the installer with the above parameters:

    ./install.cgi --program_url \
    --dada_root_pass secret \
    --dada_files_loc /home/example \
    --support_files_dir_path /home/example/public_html \
    --support_files_dir_url \
    --backend mysql \
    --sql_server localhost \
    --sql_port 3306 \
    --sql_database dada_mail \
    --sql_username username \
    --sql_password password \
    --install_plugins mailing_monitor \
    --install_plugins change_root_password \
    --install_plugins screen_cache \
    --install_plugins log_viewer \
    --install_plugins tracker \
    --install_plugins multiple_subscribe \
    --install_plugins blog_index \
    --install_plugins change_list_shortname \
    --install_wysiwyg_editors ckeditor \
    --wysiwyg_editor_install_ckeditor \
    --wysiwyg_editor_install_tiny_mce \
    --file_browser kcfinder

Since the list of options is so long, it may make sense to put the entire command w/options in its own file, so that you can resuse your own recipe for installing Dada Mail in multiple locations.


If you are using the installer to upgrade from an install of dada mail you've installed beforeusing the installer, you may simply pass the,


flag, as well as the,


parameter, and the installer will install Dada Mail, based on the previous values in your global configuration.

You may then pass additional parameters, to augment the previous configuration.

For example:

        ./install.cgi --dada_files_loc /home/account --upgrading

Will upgrade Dada Mail, pulling the previous global config values,

        ./install.cgi --dada_files_loc /home/account --upgrading \
    --install_wysiwyg_editors ckeditor,tiny_mce \
        --install_plugins mailing_monitor,change_root_password,screen_cache

Will upgrade Dada Mail, pulling the previous global config values, as well as making sure CKeditor and TinyMCE is installed, and the three plugins listed are also installed.

You CANNOT use the, --dada_files_dir_setup parameter with the, --upgrading parameter. You must explicitly set the, --dada_files_loc.

If performing an partial upgrade or doing some of your installation manually, you can tell Dada Mail to skip some of the tests it would usually preform, before configuring Dada Mail:

Other Paramaters


Displays this help doc. Use:

    ./install.cgi | less 

(or something similar) so that the script doesn't zoom to the end.


Please file any problems at:

Dada Mail Project