PSGI/Plack Support

Dada Mail PSGI Support

Dada Mail supports running under PSGI. Background:

PSGI is an interface between Perl web applications and web servers, and Plack is a Perl module and toolkit that contains PSGI middleware, helpers and adapters to web servers.

PSGI and Plack are inspired by Python's WSGI and Ruby's Rack.

PSGI is astonishing simple and incredibly powerful.

Additional Requirements

Dada Mail will require additional CPAN modules that are not shipped with Dada Mail:

Configuring Dada Mail to run under PSGI

You probably will want to install Dada Mail using the command line interface of Dada Mail's included installer. Documentation to do so is located here:

One thing to note is the --deployment_running_under flag, which you will want to pass, PSGI:

    --deployment_running_under PSGI

Running the PSGI Process

Once you've ran the installer (and the installation/configuration is successful), you will want to change back into the dada directory, and run Dada Mail:

    plackup --host --port 9090 app.psgi

Dada Mail would then be available at:

Configuring your web server

In this example, we'll be using the nginx web server to run the PSGI process via a reverse proxy. Our nginx configuration would include something like the following simplified example:

    http {
        server { 
            location / {

Dada Mail will then be available at,

PSGI Shortcomings in Dada Mail

The following features current do not work when running Dada Mail under PSGI

Dada Mail Project