Dada Mail Profiles

Dada Mail Profiles allows your Dada Mail users to see an overview and work with all their various mailing list subscriptions.

Profiles allow your users to:

Logging into a Dada Mail Profile

Your users can log into their Profile, by clicking the, [Profile Register/Log In] link, on the top right of most screens of Dada Mail.

From the Profile login screen, your users may log into their existing Profile, register a new Profile, or have their Profile password reset.

Profiles are created automatically, when a user subscribes themselves to any Dada Mail mailing list and their new Profile login information will be sent to them in the, "Subscribed" email message that's sent to them, after a successful subscription.

Once logged in, your users can:

Once logged in, your users can also navigate through Dada Mail and view their logged in status at the upper right hand side of the screen.

All subscription forms in Dada Mail will be pre-filled out with the user's email address and the Subscriber Profile form fields will be hidden (so as not to have the user have to re-type the same information twice)

List Administration and New Options with Dada Mail Profiles

Since users can now log into Dada Mail, several options are now available for the List Owner.

Subscriber-only Archiving Access

List Owners can opt to have access to archived messages only available to logged in subscribers to their mailing list.

Skip List Subscription Confirmation

List owners can also opt to have the first step of the closed-loop opt-in system skipped for logged in users, as their email address has already been verified.

Configurating and Customizing Profiles

Dada Mail Profile options can be globally configured in your .dada_config file. If you used the Dada Mail Installer to install Dada Mail, the necessary lines in your .dada_config should already be present. They should look similar to this:


        enabled                         => 1, 
        profile_email                   => '', 
        enable_captcha                  => 1, 
        enable_magic_subscription_forms => 1, 
        update_email_options            => 
                send_notification_to_profile_email => 0, 
                subscription_check_skip            => 'auto', 
        gravatar_options => 
                enable_gravators     => 1, 
                default_gravatar_url => undef,
        features => 
                help                        => 1,
                login                       => 1, 
                register                    => 1, 
                password_reset              => 1, 
                profile_fields              => 1, 
                mailing_list_subscriptions  => 1, 
                protected_directories       => 1, 
                update_email_address        => 1, 
                change_password             => 1, 
                delete_profile              => 1, 
        cookie_params =>
                -name    => 'dada_profile',  
            -path    => '/',
            -expires => '+1y',          


(if these lines are not present, you may paste them into your .dada_config file)


The following describes the various parameters and options available to you, for configurating Profiles. Nothing needs to be done for Profiles to work - they're enabled by default - just make sure that you are running Dada Mail with one of the SQL Backends.


Sets whether profiles are enabled, or not. Set to, 1 to enable, set to 0 to disable.


When a registration email or reset password email goes out, it'll go out on behalf of this email address. We highly encourage you to fill out this variable, or these email messages may not be sent out correctly. Example:

 profile_email => '', 

a little more fancy:

 profile_email => '"My First and Last Name!" <>', 

You may set two email addresses:

 profile_email => '"My First and Last Name!" <>, "Another User" <>', 

Although the From: header that goes out will only hold one email address.

If Profiles are enabled and this variable is left blank, the list owner email address of one of your mailing lists will be used, instead.


Registration for Dada Mail Profiles can be verified along with a CAPTCHA. We recommend this feature, if it's available. Set this variable to, 1 to enable CAPTCHA in the registration form.


Magic subscription forms are pre-filled out with the subscriber's email address, if they're logged into Dada Mail. To enable this feature, set this variable to, 1


These options come into play if users use the option to update their Dada Mail Profile email address. This will also update the email address used for their mailing list subscriptions.


If set to, 1, a notification email address about the Profile email address change will be set to whomever is set in the, profile_email variable. If more than one address is set in this variable, it will be addressed to all the email addresses.


This variable requires a little explanation:

When a user attempts to change their Dada Mail Profile email address, this new email address will first be validated by Dada Mail to make sure that it's not already on your mailing list, isn't black listed, things like that. To make customization easier, you may skip certain checks. By default, the following checks are skipped:

A complete listing of what checks are done (and what may be skipped) may be found at:

To set your own list of checks to skip, you may change the, subscription_check_skip setting to an array ref holding the checks to skip. For example:

                        subscription_check_skip            => [qw(

In this example, we added the, invite_only_list test to the default tests to also be skipped. We do that so that if we have a Invitation Only list, we can still allow our subscription to change their email address.

By default, this setting is set simply to, auto, which will tell Dada Mail to use the default set of tests to skip. auto is a special setting and no other string setting will work - you'll need to use the arrayref style as shown above.


feature holds parameters representing most of the major user-facing features of Profiles. Setting the parameter to, 1 will enable the features, 0 to disable the feature.


Gravatars can also be enabled for Dada Mail Profiles. More information:

This variable holds a few options to change the behavior of the session management cookie for Dada Mail Profiles.

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