HTML::Template::Pro Template Engine Support

HTML::Template::Pro support in Dada Mail


Dada Mail has been using the HTML::Template CPAN module for rendering its HTML screens, as well as providing the templating engine for its email messages. It works really great.

HTML::Template::Pro is a compatible module, that can now be used as a drop-in replacement for HTML::Template in Dada Mail. It features faster rendering speeds (up to 10x faster) and less memory usage.

Since it is used for the email templates in Dada Mail, using HTML::Template::Pro instead of the included HTML::Template can significantly speed up mail sending.

Installing HTML::Template::Pro

If you do not already have the HTML::Template::Pro module installed, you may grab it via CPAN. See our FAQ on how to install CPAN Perl Modules:

Configuring Dada Mail to use HTML::Template::Pro

Once HTML::Template::Pro is installed, there's nothing else you need to do, to start using HTML::Template::Pro with Dada Mail.

You can disable using HTML::Template::Pro, if you so desire. See the docs for the $TEMPLATE_SETTINGS config variable:, specifically, the, engine parameter.

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