Dada Mail 4.x to Dada Mail 5.x Guide

Dada Mail 4 to Dada Mail 5 Upgrade Guide

Database Schema

There are no changes in any of the database schemas between Dada Mail 4 and Dada Mail 5.

Upgrading is fairly straightforward, with no need for any Dada Mail 4 to Dada Mail 5 upgrade scripts.

Users upgrading from Dada Mail v2 or v3 will still need to use the, upgrade script, but won't have to first upgrade to Dada Mail v4 and then, v5.

Template Changes

There has been considerable changes in the Dada Mail Templates (files that live in, dada/DADA/Template/templates)

Default List Template and Admin Template Name Changes

The default list template has been renamed: list_template.tmpl (from, default_list_template.tmpl)

The default admin template has been renamed: admin_template.tmpl (from, default_admin_template.tmpl)

Both of these templates have been redesigned.

css Files Moved to, templates/css

css files Dada Mail uses are now in, dada/DADA/Template/templates/css

default_css.css has been renamed to, default.css

Javascript Files Moved to, templates/js

Javascript files Dada Mail uses are now in, dada/DADA/Template/templates/js

image files have been moved to, template/img

image files Dada Mail uses are now in, dada/DADA/Template/templates/img

List Control Panel Changes

The List Control Panel has been redesigned, but most things are where they were in v4.

Admin Menu Changes

The List Admin Menu has changed in the List Control Panel. If you are upgrading, tell the installer to keep the directory structure, but produce a new .dada_config file. You will need to reconfigure Dada Mail again, but use the same values for configuration as before. (if you forget what they are, view your old .dada_config file and just copy the old values and paste them in the installer)

Your Subscribers

The Your Subscribers heading has been renamed, Membership

The Invite/Add heading has been renamed, Invite/Add/Subscribe. If you do not have Mass Subscribing via the List Control Panel enabled (it's disabled by default), it should read, Invite/Add.

The, Edit Subscriber screen, accessed by clicking an email address in the Membership (or Your Subscribers) - View screen is now called, Membership and has additional features

Membership - List Activity is a new screen.

The View screen has been given a hefty design. We hope it's not as Guuuuuugh! as previous, "designs".

Your Mailing List

Change List Information has been renamed to, List Information

Change List Password has been renamed to, List Password

Black List and White List Options

Black/White List Options are now located in the, Membership - Options screen

Your List Control Panel

Has been moved to be after Plugins and Extensions

App Information

A new header titled, App Information has been created.

It contains Configuration, renamed from Dada Mail Setup Info, and, About Dada Mail

The link to your Mailing List's List Page, the Logout Link and the Mailing List Switch form have moved to the header of the Admin Template.

REMOVED plugins/extensions

The following plugins/extensions have been removed from the main Dada Mail distribution. The have been marked as, deprecated in previous versions of Dada Mail, or removed to provide a cleaner distribution:

DEPRECATED plugins/extensions

Dada Mail Project