v5.x Changelog

Dada Mail Changelog for version 5.x.x


Summary 5.2.1

This release contains primarily bugfixes found in the v5.2.0 release of Dada Mail.

Some of the bugs fixed in this release deal with the KCFinder. If upgrading from v5.2.0 and you are experiencing problems with KCFinder you may want to create a new .dada_config file, when upgrading. Otherwise, you will not need to create a new config file.

If upgrading from v5.1.1 or lower, you will want to create a new config file, during the install process.

Features 5.2.1

"Minimal" Subscription Form Generation

Dada Mail now auto-creates "minimal" subscription form HTML for you to easily copy, customize and paste into your site, in: Appearance and Templates - Subscription Form HTML

Changes 5.2.1

Security - In Browser Error Messages: Gone!

Dada Mail does not now show Server Error 500 error messages in the browser window, if a server error happens. Rather, it will show its own custom and generic error message. You will need to read the error log to see what actually went wrong. This is to tighten up security, as error messages could potentially hold sensitive information, such as file paths.

Bugfixes 5.2.1

Upgrade 500 error due to reCAPTCHA


KCFinder does not allow file upload/browse



Summary 5.2.0

Dada Mail v5.2.0 release focuses on WYSIWYG editors, which allow you to author your HTML email messages in rich text, right from within the List Control Panel.

Dada Mail now comes bundled with three different WYSIWYG editors: CKEditor, Tiny MCE and FCKeditor. KCfinder, an image/file browser/uploader is also bundled. Dragging and Dropping images to be used in your email messages is also supported in Dada Mail. All these utilities can be installed easily using the included Dada Mail Installer.

We've streamlined the Send a Message and Send a Webpage screens to better utilize and more cleanly present these editors, while still allowing you full flexibility on how you author your messages: We've moved to a tabbed interface for the mailing list message, so that you can easily toggle between your HTML Version and your PlainText version, without unnecessary scrolling.

If upgrading from any previous version of Dada Mail, we highly suggest Creating a new .dada_config file, when using the included Dada Mail installer, as many items in the starter .dada_config file have now changed.

Features 5.2.0

WYSIWYG/File Browsers

Dada Mail now supports and comes bundled with the following WYSIWYG editors:

Dada Mail also comes bundled with the file browser/file upload utility called, KCFinder. This utility allows file file browsing and file (image) uploading for all three included WYSIWYG editor.

Dada Mail Installer Support

The Dada Mail Installer now has the ability to configure and install all three WYSIWYG editors, as well as the file browser. Installing all these utilities is optional, but much easier than doing it manually. The editors and browser are bundled with Dada Mail in the, dada/extras/packages directory.

Added Support for Tiny MCE

Along with Support for CKeditor and FCKeditor, Dada Mail now supports the Tiny MCE WYSIWYG HTML editor in its Send a Message and Send a Webpage screens.

Support for Drag and Drop images (in some browsers)

Instead of having to go through the File Browser to upload an image, you can simply drag an image into one of the WYSIWYG editors. The image will then be saved in your file browser's file uploads directory and will be able to be used again for a future mass mailing.

This doesn't work for all browsers, but is confirmed to be support in Firefox 14+.

Discussion Lists: Experimental Support for Cleaning up long quoted replies of mailing list openings/signatures

Look for the option labeled, Attempt to clean up replies in Dada Bridge.

Tabbed Interface for PlainText/HTML Mailing List Messages

Dada Mail now allows you to toggle between the HTML, and PlainText versions of your mailing list message with a tabbed interface, instead of showing/hiding each type.

Subscription/Unsubscription Admin notices may now go to the entire mailing list

It's now an option to send the Subscription and Unsubscription Notices that usually go to the List Owner, to your entire list. This could be useful for a discussion list.

This feature was commissioned by David Smith for the Adytum Builders discussion list http://adytumbuilders.net/

Bugfixes 5.2.0


Lack of "message_body" tag in Mailing List Message Template leads to completely blank mailing list message


Sending Preferences: Amazon SES has strange, blank blue box with nothing in it.


Dada Bridge does not run the mailing monitor, when done checking messages


Impossible to delete invalid-in-form email address in "Membership >> View" screen


Changes 5.2.0


Dada Bridge: Mailing List Message Template Tags for Discussion Lists Will be, "de-Personalized"

By default, the Mailing List Messages that ship with Dada Mail have template tags and links that point to various resources for subscribers of a mailing list. This includes changing the status of a subscription and logging into a subscriber's Profile. These links are personalized for the subscriber, so to avoid any additional entering of information/clicks.

These links cause havoc, though, on a discussion list, where messages are replied to and the original message is often quoted, and copied with the reply, as well as forwarded to people, off the list. The once-personal links now can be clicked by a third party, initializing such things as unsubscriptions. You may edit your Mailing List Message Templates to removed this personalization, but it is another step to set up a successful mailing list.

Starting with v5.2.0 of Dada Mail, these links will be, "de-Personalized" automatically for discussion lists. For example, a link that goes goes to a specific addresses' profile (or a form to log into a profile), that has their email address already embedded within the link, to pass automatically to Dada Mail:


will have the embedded email address removed:


Similarily, Subscription and Unsubscription links:


will be changed to,


To avoid problems.

FCKeditor listed as "Deprecated"

FCKeditor has now been deprecated in Dada Mail for many reasons: Internet Explorer 9 does not work well with FCKeditor, the included File Browser in FCKeditor is very buggy and has unfixed security issues and CKeditor is its natural replacement. We do not suggest using FCKeditor, but it is bundled with Dada Mail currently for backwards compatibility. We do bundle CKEditor and Tiny MCE, either of which will work better the FCKeditor.

$FCKEDITOR_URL and $CKEDITOR_URL Config variables - removed

Both the $FCKEDITOR_URL and $CKEDITOR_URL variables will not function as before - use the new $WYSIWYG_OPTIONS variable to configure these editors. Having these variables in your .dada_config file will not cause Dada Mail to error, yet.

"By default, reveal: PlainText Version|HTML Version" option removed

The Send a Message/Webpage screens now have a tabbed interface for HTML/PlainText messages, so this option has been removed. In Beatitude, both versions will be shown, by default.

Summary 5.1.1

This release contains primarily bugfixes found in the v5.0.2 release of Dada Mail.

If upgrading from v5.1.0 you will not need to create a new config file.

If upgrading from v4.9.1 or lower, you will want to create a new config file, during the install process.

Bugfixes 5.1.1

Email Update "For All Lists" doesn't update all lists, just current list


Saving Tracker prefs will fail



Summary 5.1.0

This release of Dada Mail contains a wealth of new features, plugins and bug fixes. v5.1.0 is a very major release of Dada Mail.

If upgrading from any previous version of Dada Mail, we highly suggest Creating a new .dada_config file, when using the included Dada Mail installer, as many items in the starter .dada_config file have now changed.

Features 5.1.0

Update Subscriber Email Address

You now have the ability to update a subscriber's email address, through the List Control Panel.

Individual subscribers have had the ability to update their email address, using Dada Mail's Profiles, but the List Owner has never had the ability to do this on-behalf of their subscribers. This new feature fixes this hole in Dada Mail's functionality.

You can now update an email address on your current mailing list, or on every mailing list (if logged in with the Dada Mail Root Password).

Profile information is also updated with the new email address, or copied over, if a Profile for the updated email address already exists. A lot of work has been done to make sure you do not lose any Profile information.

Send a Message Screen: Show/Hide PlainText/HTML Versions

You may now set which Mailing List Message Version textboxes are visible by default, in the, Your List Control Panel >> Options screen.

This becomes useful if you send primarily HTML messages, you have one of the support WYSIWYG editors installed and are using the new Mass Mailing Messages plugin to set default copy to edit within the WYSIWYG editor.

Amazon SES: Auto-Adjusting Batch Settings

The Amazon SES is a powerful third-part mailing service that allows you run a mailing list with a large subscruber base, on a relatively cheap hosting account, without having to deal with or worry about the sometimes lacking hourly email quotas allowed. Sending to >10,000 addresses becomes unrealistic to many people, if you can only send messages at a rate, at most, of 500 messages every hour. Switching sending to Amazon SES allows one to keep their hosting account and Dada Mail installation the same, with only mail sending changing.

The problem with Amazon SES is that the mailing sending quotas may start off small, but then grow depending on your usage of the service. Keeping current on this changing quota is an annoyance, especially when the quota is temporarily small when starting out with the server, and sending must be done slowly.

Now built into Dada Mail is the ability to automatically set the optimal batch settings needed for Amazon SES sending. You may now simply let Dada Mail figure out what is the most optimal batch setting for your mailing list. This feature works with either the SES API or using the SES SMTP interface and works no matter how many mass mailings you allow to go out at one time. The automatic batch setting is dynamic, and will make sure you're sending speeds don't go over what your sending quota is set to.


Much work has been done to Dada Mail Profiles to make them more flexible towards customization, as well as making it easier for List Owners to administrate individual user's Profile information.

Profile Passwords in the List Control Panel

List Owners now how the option to reset a user's Profile Password in the List Control Panel, under: Membership >> View (then, select a member of your mailing list). Password may not be simply retrieved, since they are saved in a one-way encryption, but can still be reset.

Email Notifications of Changed Profile Email Addresses

You now how the option to receive a notification of any changes made by a user of their Profile email address.

For more information about this feature, see:


Multiple Admin Profile Email Addresses Supported

You may now set more than one email addresses used for administration email notification, profile activation, etc, email messages.

For more information about this feature, see:


Customize Email Validation Steps for Profile Email Address Changes

For more information about this feature, see:


Enable/Disable Major Profile Features

You now have the option to enable and disable major features of Dada Mail Profiles, including user login, user registration, user Profile password reset, etc.

List Invitations: Already Been Invited Check

List Invitations are a powerful tool in Dada Mail, as they allow you to invite a new member to join your mailing list, and thus allow potential new members to make their own decision on whether they would like to join your mailing list.

Invitatons become a hassle, ironically, the more you use this feature, as it's difficult to keep track of who it is that you've already invited. Constantly asking someone to join your mailing list is not the type of behaviour we suggest.

Before a List Invitation is sent, Dada Mail can now double-check to see if any invitees have already been sent a list invitation, saving you from pestering potential members. This new feature is optional and can be configured to simply warn you about previous invites, allowing you to re-invite selected addresses, or disallow to send to any previous invited addresses. By default, Dada Mail will warn about previous invites, but won't disallow you from inviting them, again.

New Plugin: Change List Shortname

Each Dada Mail mailing list has a, List Shortname - the internal name used by Dada Mail to differentiate mailing lists from one another. The list shortname is also used for values in subscription forms and subscripiton/unsubscription/confirmation links. Sometimes it's desired to change this list shortname.

This plugin now gives you that ability.

See the docs on the plugin for more information:


New Plugin: Password Protect Directories

Dada Mail's mailing lists, along with each addresses Profile holds valuable information that can be repurposed for various tasks.

This plugin allows you to password protect a directory, only allowing your mailing list subscribers access, using their subscription to your mailing list and their Dada Mail Profile password as credentials. A default password may be set, if a subscriber does not currently have a Dada Mail Profile.

See the docs on the plugin for more information:


This feature was commissioned by Jeff Berger for "Websites That Work" -- http://www.websitesthatworkusa.com.

New Plugin: Default Mass Mailing Messages

Having default copy available, in the PlainText and/or HTML Versions of your mailing list messages, ready to be used as a starter for your next mailing list message would be convenient.

This plugin allows you to set that default copy for your Mailing List Messages, that will then appear in your Send a Message, Send a Webpage screens, as well as in Beatitude.

See the docs on the plugin for more information:


Changes 5.1.0

Dada Bridge

Instead of bringing you to a new screen, these two functions pop open a modal box instead.

Bounce Handler

Intead of bringing you to a new screen, Bounce Handler shows an individual email address's bounce history in a modal box.

Instad of bringing you to a new screen, a modal box is used instead.

Tracker: tracker_add_missing_num_subs.cgi script

A new script called, tracker_add_missing_num_subs.cgi is included with Dada Mail, in attempt to retrieve missing Tracker reports from previous versions of Dada Mail. For more information, please see:


Support added for RFC 6522-style Delivery Status Notification Reports,

This includes reports sent from Amazon SES.

multi_admin_subscribers.cgi Plugin: REMOVED

The multi_admin_subscribers.cgi plugin, labeled as DEPRECATED has now been permanently removed from the Dada Mail distribution. Similar functionality is allowed using the, Update Email Address feature.

Bugfixes 5.1.0

"Opens" not tracked on malformed HTML messages (beginning <body> tag, but no end </body> tag)


Bounce Handler uses, "Final-Recipient" instead of, "Original-Recipient" when trying to find bouncing address


Bounce Handler does not understand, "text/rfc822-headers" mime type


Tracker plugin requires HTML::Entities


embedded HTML in Archives.pm, "make_nav_table" and "create_index_nav" methods



Summary 5.0.3

This release contains primarily bugfixes found in the v5.0.2 release of Dada Mail. Many of the issues fixed deal with Discussion Mailing Lists

If upgrading from v5.0.0 - v5.0.2, you will not need to create a new config file.

Changes 5.0.3

Small List, Admin Template Changes

The, following meta tag was added to the List and Admin templates:

        <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">

This is to help Internet Explorer for Windows use the latest HTML/css fancy features.

Tracker: Subscriber Count Checks

It's been found that if you do not have, Enable Subscriber Count Logging checked in the Tracker plugin, no logs will be reported for your mass mailings. Because of this, this feature has been removed, but will be constantly enabled - so, one less thing to worry about.

There's also been an issue revealed that if a mass mailing is created, but for whatever reason, fails to send out automatically, this type of tracking is never done, thus again, breaking the Tracker reports for your mass mailing. The reason for a mass mailing being created, but not sent right away remains a mystery and does not happen every time a mass mailing is created, only a minority of the time, for some installations.

A check has been put in place to look for this type of tracking information and, if not found, the "Number of Subscribers" tracking information will be put into the Tracker logs, without any further manual intervention.

Bugfixes 5.0.3

Can't call method "agent" on an undefined value " when fetching a webpage


This error will happen to some, when they try using the Send a Webpage screen or use a URL for a list template. This error cropped up when attempting to fix issue #267 (https://github.com/justingit/dada-mail/issues/267)

Tracker: Disabling, "Enable Subscriber Count Logging" basically breaks Tracker reports


The problem here is that if you disable counting the number of subscribers you have, when you do a mass mailing, you basically disable tracking that message, since the tracker is looking for the entry about the #subs you have, when creating its report table. Because of this, this type of tracking will always be enabled.

Discussion Lists may send List Invites without template tags parsed


This problem happens with discussion lists (and shouldn't affect any other type of mailing list) - you'll see that your invitations go to your invitees, without the template tags parsed.

"Welcome", "Farewell" mass email message not templated out for discussion lists


Similar to issue#282, these messages are sent out, without being templated out.

Can't access 'redirect' field in object of class DADA::App::Subscriptions at mail.cgi line 6733



Summary 5.0.2

This release contains primarily bugfixes found in the v5.0.1 release of Dada Mail.

If upgrading from v5.0.0 - v5.0.1, you will not need to create a new config file.

Changes 5.0.2

Support for CKEditor in Beatitude

Missing support for CKEditor in Beatitude has been added. FCKeditor support should work better, as well.

Bugfixes 5.0.2

Beattide: FCKeditor corrupts UTF-8 characters


Hidden profile field value lost on edit


Installer gets confused during an upgrade if it cannot initially find the .dada_files directory


Bounce Handler: nothing printed when running tests on the command line



Incorrect date shown in Archive Message screen



Open Tracker returns error with invalid lists


Sending a Test List Invitation Leads to an error



Summary 5.0.1

This release contains primarily bugfixes found in the v5.0.0 release of Dada Mail.

If upgrading from v5.0.0, you will not need to create a new config file.

Changes 5.0.1

Bounce Handler: Exim support

Better support has been added for bounces created by the Exim MTA

Bugfixes 5.0.1

new_list_screen.tmpl "Clone List Settings" problem


"Message Too Big" template not used


Discussion List Invitation gets List reply-to inserted


Send a Webpage: embedding img URLs remove the file ending, leading to flags raised in mail filters (SpamAssassin)


"Do not append the list/list shortname to archived messages" option doesn't seem to work,


Webservers may block HTTP requests from Dada Mail, based on User Agent


No finishing message when using Amazon SMTP server


Mailing List Login Switcher is not in any order


Bundled Params::Validate out of date


server error when creating a new profile



Summary 5.0.0

Bounce Handler

This release of Dada Mail features the continuing work on the Bounce Handler. This round of enhancements centers around a new sublist called, "Bouncing Addresses" (or, "bounced_list", internally). You may now direct the Bounce Handler to move addresses that have reached the Bounce Score Threshold to this list, instead of outright removing them from your Subscribers.

From there, you may view the bounced history of each bouncing address and either permanently remove the address from your mailing list, or reinstate the address as a subscriber

New View Screen

This release of Dada Mail also features a clean-up of the, "View" screen in Dada Mail. These changes are to help a list owner feel more in control over their mailing list, by making the various mailing lists more malleable to work with.

Members of all sublists can be easily browsed through using enhancement pagination links - first, last, previous, next pages (etc), as well as more organized searching, that features the same refined user interface. The data can now be sorted alphabetically, ascending or descending by email address or by any of the profile fields.

New Address Membership Screen

Individual subscribers can now be more easily administrated. From each subscriber's membership screen, you can now see all the sublists an individual address is a member of and move the address to and from various sublists. A running history of the addresses membership is also available.

Recent subscription/unsubscription activity is also now easily viewed in a new admin screen titled, Recent Activity which currently shows the last 100 seperate events that have happened in your mailing list.

Mass Mailing Preferences

Sending a Copy to the List Owner

You may now enable or disable sending a copy of Mass Mailings to the List Owner.

Bugfixes 5.0.0

notification error on discussion list


Revert ALL Text to Defaults works a little too easily


Text characters not converted to HTML in archive subjects


Changes 5.0.0

Precedence header

Setting the Precedence header and customizations to that header have been removed in Dada Mail, in an attempt at simplifying things.

The Precedence header is still set in Dada Mail by default and given a value of, list.

Dada Mail Project