Boiler Plate

Roll Your Own Admin Screen

This should give you a good idea on how to extend Dada Mail's admin area to do.... anything

There is an example on how to make the actual admin screen + script, it's called


and should be located in the dada/extras/scripts/ directory It should work right out of the box, upload it, chmod 755 it and follow the next set of directions to make it work

Adding this Module to Dada Mail

You'll need to tweak the $ADMIN_MENU variable in the file, $ADMIN_MENU is a reference to an array of hashes of an array of hashes, or somewhere in there.

Follow the pattern :)

Adding this right after the last array ref entry:

         {-Title           => 'Boilder Plate Example', 
           -Title_URL      => "plugins/boilerplate_plugin.cgi",
           -Function       => 'boilerplate',
           -Activated      => 1, 

will do the trick, as long as you uploaded boilerplate_plugin.cgi in the same directory as mail.cgi. It's better to give the absolute URL for these things, I think. Upload the revised file and there should be a link for this very module. Pretty frickin cool, eh?


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