Dada Mail 9.x to Dada Mail 10.x Guide

Dada Mail 9 to Dada Mail 10 Upgrade Guide

This guide was compiled to get you ready to upgrade to Dada Mail v10.


This release primarily focuses on getting our email messages sent by Dada Mail to use the really beautiful and awesome HTML produced by the Foundation for Emails Framework.

You can learn more about Foudnation for Emails here:

In past versions of Dada Mail, ALL transactional email messages only had a plaintext-only "option" available. The new HTML emails look so much better, and probably rank much higher on usability. We're excited!

To support Foundation for Emails, we've had to make considerable changes to the internal code of Dada Mail. A new dependency is now required to run Dada Mail: the Perl CPAN module, LWP. This is the same module required to use the Send a Webpage screen. If Send a Webpage is working, you should be covered for this dependency.

The following CPAN Perl Modules aren't required, but definitely recommended to have the best experience when running Dada Mail:

New Dada Mail-Specific CPAN Modules

There are many optional CPAN Perl modules that Dada Mail takes advantage of. Now, all these Perl modules have been bundled together in one CPAN Module called, Bundle::DadaMail. Now, just install Bundle::DadaMail and have all those other modules installed in one step.

Another CPAN Perl Module, called Bundle::DadaMailXXL has also been created that bundles all the CPAN Perl modules used in Dada Mail, including what's listed in Bundle::DadaMail, in case you would like to install all the dependencies required for Dada Mail.

More information:

No more "Appearance - Email Message Templates" list control panel

Because the workflow to create the new HTML emails is based on Foundation for Emails SASS workflow (, which is done offline (via your desktop/laptop/etc), we've removed the ability to edit these messages from within Dada Mail through the Appearance - Email Message Templates screen. The HTML templates produced by the framework is exceptionally complex - they just cannot be easily edited by hand. Using the SASS workflow is actally pretty approachable by a competent web designer or developer.

Here's how to work with email themes, and create your own:

Each theme is available for all mailing lists.

In it's place, Appearance - Email Themes screen will now allow you to select the email theme that you would like to use.

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