Building Dada Mail From Source

Building Dada Mail from Source Repository

(intented for advanced users and/or developers)

Dada Mail's github repository is public, and it is possible to build a working distribution of Dada Mail from it.

Dada Mail's Github repository is found here,

Unless you know exactly what you're doing, you probably want to build a distribution from a known release. Releases are found here:

Find the release you want to build your own distributon from, and download that release. The easiest way is to download the sourcecode under, Assets.

Note: In these examples, we'll be using "dada_mail.tar.gz" as the name of the download.

Once you've downloaded the source, uncompress the download,

        tar -cvf dada_mail.tar.gz

then, change into that directory,

        cd dada-mail

Within that directory, you'll find a script called, This is the script that will do the heavy lifting. Simply run the script:

         perl ./

This script will pull resources needed from all other repositories (this may take a few minutes), and create the actual distribution for Dada Mail. Once done, the script will print out something like the following:


These two files, located in the, distribution directory, are the complete build of Dada Mail.

You can now use these two files to install a copy of Dada Mail, using either of the two directions we have:

Install Dada Mail w/Dada Mail Installer

Install Dada Mail, Command Line Interface

Use the just-created files in place of the resources listed in the docs.


Of course you don't have to use a release of ours as the source of your distribution. You can use any branch, tag, etc of git to build your distribution from. You can also fork the Dada Mail github repository to create your own, and do your own development and releases from there.

Changing the Source of the Other Github Assets

If you want to set an alternative to the sources used in Dada Mail for the various repositories, you may do so in the source of the script.

Look for the variables named, $github_repos, $github_releases, and $maxmind_dbs which should be self-explanitory. options


        make_distro --help 

for various options available for the script.

See Also

The Dada Developers mailing list can help with technical questions,

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