Announcing Dada Mail 10

From: justin@dadamailproject.com
Subject: Announcing Dada Mail 10
Date: October 13th 2016

Dada Mail 10: Beautiful Email Themes made especially for you


Introducing Dada Mail 10: featuring beautiful and responsive HTML email messages, powered by the Zurb Foundation for Emails framework.

Now Dada Mail comes packed with rich, colorful, email themes.

Easily send out eye-catching mass mailings with one of the included layouts - each layout designed specifically for the type of mailing list you've created. Create and customize your own themes, as well as personalize themes with image logos, and social networking buttons. Make each message you send out a wealth of information about your own organization.


Dada Mail 10 is currently in Beta, but we invite you to download and install this new version and try out all the new capabilities yourself. We're excited!

Pro Dada: Pro Installs and Upgrades.

Get Pro Dada setup and installed with no hassle, using our installation/upgrade service. A new Pro Dada installation starts at $34.95

Request a Pro Dada Install Today

We're happy to install either v9 or v10!

Pro Dada: Direct Support Now Included.

Get the support lifeline your organization needs with a Pro Dada Subscription. Not only does Pro Dada give you access to Pro Dada itself, as well as the Pro Dada Manual; being a Pro Dada Subscriber now gives you direct, prioritized support to the developers of Dada Mail through Zendesk. With over 15 years of experience helping people getting the most out of Dada Mail, we're here to make sure you're having the best experience when utilizing Dada Mail.

Get Pro Dada Now

Dada Mail v10 at a Glance:

  • Enhanced Email Messages, Powered by Foundation for Emails
  • Email Themes, and mass mailing layout choices
  • Mass Mailing Previews, right in your browser window

What's, Zurb Foundation for Emails?

Making beautiful, responsive, email messages is surprisingly hard to do well, and one of the reasons we've not included this support in the transactional emails Dada Mail sends out (think the subscription confirmation email messages, etc).

Now, with the Zurb Foundation for Emails, we can - and easily. And you can too. Take our default starter theme and make it your own. Check out the docs on how to work with the framework on the Foundation for Email support site , and see how to work with our open source Dada Mail starter theme .

Thank You!

We look forward to serving you,

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