Dada Mail Five for 5 Upgrade Offer

Order one of our Dada Mail Five Pro Dada deals below. Once we receive your order, we will contact you about your website login information.

These offers are valid until April 1st, 2012. If you need more options for yearly install/upgrade services, request an install here.

Five For 5 for Current Pro Dada Subscribers- $5

One-Time Upgrade of your Pro Dada Installation for current Pro Dada Subscribers:

Five For a Year for Current Pro Dada Subscribers- $50

Year of Upgrades of your Pro Dada Installation for current Pro Dada Subscribers:

Five For 5 for New Pro Dada Subscribers- $55

New Pro Dada Subscription + One-Time Install of Pro Dada:


One-Time Upgrades mean just that - we'll upgrade you once - no additional included upgrades, or personal support. If you do want additional upgrades, we'll be happy to bump your one-time upgrade to a year of upgrades for $45 extra. You can decide if you'd like to go the distance within 30 days of purchasing the Five for 5 offer. Just email us. We're hoping you'll love Pro Dada Five and will want a full year of upgrades.

Current Pro Dada Subscribers means you've purchased a current Pro Dada Subscription. You need a current Pro Dada Subscription to take advantage of the $5 one-time upgrade deal, or $50 upgrades for a year deal. You may first purchase a Pro Dada Subscription for $50 here and then take advantage of either of these deals, if you so desire.

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