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Loyal Users of Dada Mail, we need to hear from you! We need to know how Dada Mail is treating you and how we can do a better job. What do you love/hate/wish for in Dada Mail? How can we better serve you?

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What type of stuff do you use Dada Mail for? Does it work well?

What other types of tools/services do you like to use with Dada Mail?

Have you ever used a different program like Dada Mail? Better/worse? Longing for a feature from Program X?

What's Your Favorite Part of Dada Mail?

What part of Dada Mail truly sucks?

What do you think Dada Mail is Missing?

Have Your Purchased Pro Dada an the Dada Mal Manual? Why/Why Not?

Would you be interested in...

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A translation of Dada Mail, into another lanuage, other than English?

More flexibilty with Subscriber Profile Fields (required fields, different types of field widgets, etc)

More flexibility in partial sending options? (example: Send to these people, but only with birthdates between x and y and who love the color blue and red)

More tracking and statistic stuff

Would you contribute to a fundraiser for any of the features above (or others) that you'd like to see in Dada Mail? How much? If not, why not?




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