Dada Mail v11.2.1 Released

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Subject: Dada Mail v11.2.1 Released
Date: October 8th 2018

Dada Mail v11.2.1 Released!

What's New?


Dada Mail v11.2.x brings changes to the Send a Message workflow, making it simplier, easier and more intuitive to author your mailing list messages, without removing any of the features you've come to depend in Dada Mail!

Read more about these changes in the Dada Mail Blog.



Set a default version (HTML, Plaintext) for mass mailing authoring

Sometimes, you want to send only PlainText mass mailings.

This new feature makes this much easier to configure. In v11.2.1 (and above), go to:

Mass Mailing: Options




Default to authoring:


PlainText Version

Doing so will:

  • select, "PlainText Version" tab by default, instea of "HTML Version""

  • select, "Write/Paste Text by default" in the PlainText Version tab

  • select, "Do not send an HTML version (only PlainText version)" in the HTML Version tab


Profile email update creates 500 error

"HTML Version", "PlainText Version" options can lose their stickiness

Custom Subject not added to new draft messages

Email Addresses can be subscribed twice if cased differently


Drafts/Send a Message UI redesign/shuffle

The Send a Message part of the app has been given a healthy UI refresh - some things to look for:

Prompt before leaving screen

If you try to leave a draft message screen without saving your changes, you'll be reminded of this with a prompt. This should help stop you from inadvertently leaving the screen prematurely.

Default screen: All Drafts/Stationery/Schedules

When you log into your mailing list's list control panel, the default screen is now the All Drafts/Stationery/Schedules screen, rather than the Send a Message screen. This is to make loading of the list control panel go a little faster, since the Send a Message screen is very complex, and takes a while to fully load.

Send a Webpage screen removed (but all features moved to Send a Message)

Having two screens that can send a mass mailing seems like one too many, so we've removed the Send a Webpage screen. Don't worry - all the features on that screen have been added to the Send a Message screen, so no features have been removed. What has been removed is a lot of duplicate code in the backend. Getting rid of this code makes things just that much more simplier to keep well-maintained.

A mass mailing message can be created by:

  • Writing or pasting content into the rich text editor

  • fetching the message from a specific URL

  • creating the message from a RSS/Atom feed

from the Send a Message screen

"All Drafts/Stationery/Schedules" screen changes

Individual Drafts/Stationery/Schedules now how a button to Preview the message, without having to open them individually for editing.

All messages are now sorted by creation date, rather than last-modified date, and this creation date is shown.

Mass Mailing Top Menu Changes

Send a Message has been renamed + New Draft Message. Clicking it will always create a new draft message. In previous versions of Dada Mail, any previous draft message would get loaded. This was problematic, if you had more than one draft message - things got confusing on just what draft message was now loaded. This menu item has moved one item below in the top menu bar of Mass Mailing

Drafts/Stationery/Schedules has been renamed, All Drafts/Stationery/Schedules and has been moved to the top of the Mass Mailing top bar menu. As has been mentioned, this is the defalt screen now when you log into your mailing list's list control panel.

New Option: Save Sent Draft Messages as Stationery

Many times, people would like to re-use a previously sent message for a new mass mailing. Now, Dada Mail has an option to save previously sent messages you've authored in the list control panel as new stationery messarges, which you can then use to create a new draft message from.

New Ignore Bounces Sublist

Some users have reported problems with addresses they know are valid, but which that bounce anyways: there's a (hopefully) temporary problem on the receiving mail server.

To counter this, Dada Mail now allows you to set up a list of addresses that the Bounce Handler will not process as it does usually. Instead, bounces from the addresses will just be ignored.

Addresses can be added simonilar to the Black List and White List: segments of addresses are allowed.

For example, if you want to ignore a specific email address, you can. If you want to ignore all address from a domain, you can do that as well.

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Consent and Mailing List Subscriptions

Learn more about Consent and Mailing List Subscriptions in Dada Mail v11 in our latest blog post. Make sure your mailing list is set up correctly for all your users.

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