Introducing Dada Mail 6

From: "Dada Mail Announcement List" <justin@dadamailproject.com>
Subject: Introducing Dada Mail 6
Date: December 10th 2012
Dada Mail
Tracker Plugin

See the new Tracker plugin in action

Introducing Dada Mail v6

Dada Mail v6 has been released as a Release Candidate. New things to look for:

  • Refreshed User Interface - Faster to Load, Easier to Use, Modernized

  • Eaiser Installs, and easier upgrades

  • Visualizations - view information visually, with even more charts and graphs

  • Tracker - Redesigned, Faster loading, more in-depth information; message campaigns broken down by country, city, and IP Address; detailed interactive charts, graphs and tabular reports

  • Bounce Handler - More precise parsing, better bounce handling

  • Bridge - "pipe to command" support, blazing fast handling of message sending

  • Discover all the changed between v5 and v6 of Dada Mail

Download and Install Dada Mail v6 today

Pro Dada + Dada Mail Manual

Pro Dada + Dada Mail Manual is available either as a yearly subscription at a new low price, as well as a never-ending lifetime subscription.

Pro Dada comes without a footer back to our support site and without mailing list or subscriber size quotas.

Order Securely using PayPal or Google Checkout

The Pro Dada Manual has a chapter dedicated to almost every screen in the list control panel, to provide help right where you need it.

Pro Dada Installations

Pro Dada installations now start at only $24.95 for one-time install/upgrade.

Order your own installation/upgrade of Pro Dada v6

Justin J
Lead Dadaist
The Dada Mail Project

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