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Dada Mail v6.4.0 Preview

May 10th 2013

Dada Mail v6.4.0 Preview Here's a few things to look for, in the upcoming v6.4.0 release of Dada Mail. [1]Beta versions of this release are already available. [2]Feedback is always welcome: Unsubscription System ===================== Dada Mail's unsubscription system has been completely overhauled and simplified. Each mass mailing will contain an unsubscription link that is unique to the mass mailing it is contained in, mailing list and indivisual subscriber. Clicking on the u ...Continue Reading

Dada Mail Manual Updated! Using Bridge

March 21st 2013

Dada Mail Manual Updated! Using Bridge [1]We've just updated a chapter in the manual, Using Bridge for Dada Mail v6. Version 6 of Dada Mail introduced the ability to set up a mail forward, as your List Email, allowing for much faster email delivery to your mailing list, from when the message is original sent. If you're running a discussion list, this can help dramatically in keep the discussions lively and the posts being delivered in a timely manner. If you're not familiar with The Dada ...Continue Reading

v6.2.1 Released

March 19th 2013

v6.2.1 Released We goofed up a little on the release of v6.2.0 - it was labeled, "6.1.2" for whatever reason, which was confusing users. So, we present you with v6.2.1, that's also labeled correctly as, v6.2.1, to help clarify things. We hope. There's no other changes, so if you're happily using your mislabled v6.2.0, stick with it. ...Continue Reading



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