Dada Mail Friendly Hosts


Bluehost recommends Dada Mail, so we'll recommend Bluehost. Do check with them about your email sending limits (here's a KB article about it, with ways to contact them), it may be low by default, but if you contact them, they'll tell you how to raise it (to about 500/750 messages/hour). The above link is a partner referal, so if you click it and sign up, we do get a kickback.

Bluehost also has Mojo Marketplace enabled in their cPanel and it has a one-click installer for Dada Mail.

Dedicated IP Option

Bluehost also has an option to have an account with a dedicated IP address. In relation to Dada Mail, the advantages of this are a longer time allowed, for long-running processes, like when Dada Mail sends out a mass mailing to potentially thousands of addresses.

Having a dedicated IP also allows you to have ports above 1024 open, that would be closed with their regular hosting plans, but port 25 (the default port for SMTP) is still not open, which impacts people wanting to use an outside SMTP server. Using a web service like Amazon SES will work with Bluehost, either with their regular hosting plan or with a dedicated IP, since port 80 is open for all Bluehost accounts and Amazon SES's web service runs on port 80. Regular email sending is not impacted by the use of a dedicated IP. As Bluehost states:

All email, including forwarded email, is sent out through our mail proxy servers. Obtaining a dedicated IP address will not prevent your emails from being marked as SPAM, having an ISP block the IP of the mail proxy server, or pass a reverse DNS test for places such as AOL.

Rose Hosting

Rose Hosting and its clients love Dada Mail! Their VPS hositng plans meet the requirements to run Dada Mail, and there are no set sending limitations. They've also written to me: "Everyone can install Dada Mail on our servers through Softaculous or through the CLI, but we always offer a free installation service to everyone if they need it."

MacHighway - Web Hosting for Mac Users, by Mac Users, Since 1997


MacHighway is a great local-to-Denver hosting company, who've been exceptional at supporting Dada Mail. Like most hosting companies, they have sending limits around 500/hour, but are a great, geared to you mac-heads.


Media Temple's stated hourly email restrictions are listed here.

In summary:


IvyCat.com offers reliable, Dada-friendly web hosting with lots of other effective features to help make your site a success. Mention Dada in the referral field when signing up for free Dada installation.

Tiger Technologies

Tiger Technologies has been kind enough to give us a testing account for Dada Mail and it helps ensure that Dada Mail works well on their servers. We've also worked closely with clients running moderately busy discussion lists on Tiger Technologies' servers with good luck. We really appreciate the support team at Tiger Technologies and we're pretty happy to be able to suggest them highly for web sites that use Dada Mail.


AlpineWeb knows that in order to have a successful web presence you need to be able to reach out and talk to your customers. We like working with DaDa Mail especially the Pro. We have clients with lists 10,000 plus and most with multiple lists to help them target their markets. We find AlpineWeb Hosting and DaDa Mail is the start of a great internet presence. Cost effective, outstanding technology and user friendly customer service and support - an outstanding small business solution.


According to Clook.net, they really, really like Dada Mail and are using it to host lists of the 10,000 - 20,000 size. They tell me there's no limits (within reason, obviously) set on their accounts currently for the amount of messages that can go out in a specific timeframe and that long running server processes, like Dada Mail during a mailing list sending, are allowed to keep on running.

On top of all this, they'll also help you set your Dada Mail to use a separate SMTP server specifially tuned for sending, so even if you're on a shared hosting environment, you can send your messages, without burdening everyone else and the messages will go out at a good pace.

These are three fantastic points that makes these guys a good host for Dada Mail.

Also, according to their shared packages comparison page (the most economical that they offer), they have MySQL and Cronjob support, as well as plenty of POP3 mailboxes you set up, so it looks like whatever you'd like to do with Dada Mail, you can do on these accounts.

They do have a few reasonable points that you must follow (actually, you should always follow these points, no matter where you host):

I also get a sense that they'll be passively monitoring your sending, so if they get a report of abuse regarding your mailing list activity, they'll ask you about it and see if everything is configured correctly and work with you so another report won't happen again.

If you do have a specific question, or if want more information, please contact Clook.net directly.

Hosting Companies to Avoid


Forgive my lack of subtley: this host has proven, with bad support, horrible server configuration and less-than-stellar reliability to not be the best host to use for Dada Mail. I would avoid at all costs - it would be fair easier to move to a different host, than to use aplus.net with Dada Mail.


Ipower - at least the support there says, *who knows* that they don't support the Perl, fork() subroutine. This means you can't send mass mailings. I can't even get mail to send on their servers. Avoid.

Pair Networks

According to their own Resource Usage docs for shared hosting, users may not, "Run their own mailing list software, whether custom or packaged."Pair networks do seem to have their own solution they'd like you to use. I'd double check if you have something other than shared hosting, as I have myself installed a ton of Dada Mail's on Pair Servers.

Yahoo! Hosting

Try to stay away from Yahoo's entry-level hosting. Their support for such programs like Dada Mail is fairly bad.


Unless I'm mistaken, Earthlink still does not have a new enough version of Perl to work with Dada Mail, so it's a no-go.


Dada Mail will probably work just fine on a GoDaddy account, you'll want to make sure that your account is a Linux cPanel account, and isn't managed by any sort of website builder package. Double-check your email sending limits, it may be very low - something like Amazon SES may work well in this scenario.


Third Party Email Sending Services

Amazon SES

Dada Mail has support for Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) - see the docs on Amazon SES and Dada Mail for more information. The clients we've worked personally with to set up this service have been had very positive results.


Dada Mail can easily use SendGrid's SMTP Relaying Service/API (more information) instead of your hosting account's SMTP server.

Dada Mail Project