Re: Redirect of web link to a phishing website

From: "Mary Ann Kelley maryann@PROTECTED [Dada Mail Developers]" <dadadev@PROTECTED>
Subject: Re: Redirect of web link to a phishing website
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Date: August 15th 2021
This is redirected using the clickthrough tracking feature of Dada and is not necessarily a hack. In PHPMyAdmin, go to the dada_clickthrough_urls table and find the redirect ID & message ID from the bad link and see what the URL is for it in the table. It could be that the website it was linking to got hacked or bought and redirected all links to something nefarious. If the link in the URL field is not what was originally linked in the mailing, you have a problem.

Mary Ann

You need to report that to your hosting company. Someone did hack your site, your file space. I don’t think they necessarily hacked it through Dada Mail, though. It could have been any number of paths. Definitely report it, though.

Bruce Scherzinger, HME HOA Webmaster 



I recently had my websites deactivated because a link on my site:   (I changed the name of the domain ( and name of the main directory (loc)  and list name (listnm) ).  But as you can see it called the mail.cgi file.

It redirected to an external website   (I removed some of this redirection)


Does anyone know what produced this.  Does this indicate an attack on the mail.cgi code—I am not really sure where this code is.  I looked at the mysql database and could not find this.





Michael H. Rivner, M.D.

Charbonnier Professor Emeritus of Neurology

Augusta University, Medical College of Georgia

Augusta, Georgia 30912

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