v11.4.5 Released

From: "Justin J justin@PROTECTED [Dada Mail Developers]" <dadadev@PROTECTED>
Subject: v11.4.5 Released
Date: September 10th 2019

Howdy Everyone -

Dada Mail v11.3.0 has been released,

Download and Install:


Changelog (and below):



This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v11.4.4 release of Dada Mail.


Better error reporting when sending webpages

If problems occur when trying to send a message via the option, "Grab content from a URL" (and then entering a URL), error reporting has now been enhanced both right in the UI, as well as in the error log.

Error reporting has also been enhanced in similar ways when cropping a webpage by id/class.



Membership: View: Authorized Senders

The, Membership: View: Authorized Senders screen now has descriptive text on just what the sublist is.

If the option to send out messages without needing moderation is enabled in Bridge, that is also mentioned and described.


The Bounce Handler email address is listed in the, Mailing List: List Information screen

This is to make it easier to understand how to set up the Bounce Handler correctly to process bounced messages.



Send a Webpage: Content via a URL: no feedback/error thrown if problems were found with the crop


List Consents can be blank


"available_lists()" SQL query just isn't specific enough to find the actual lists available


Send a Webpage errors should be shown in Send a Message screen (or at least in error log)


Incorrect Profile Login asks if you are registered, even if "Registering" is disabled.


"Already Subscribed" email notification does not show subscriber email correctly


Plugin: Tracker: Hard Bounce report sometimes not shown




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