Dada Mail Four Point Two Point Zero Released, now with Installer

From: "Dada Mail Announcement List" <justin@dadamailproject.com>
Subject: Dada Mail Four Point Two Point Zero Released, now with Installer
Date: August 24th 2010

Dada Mail Four Point Two Point Zero Released w/Installer



If you have a Pro Dada account, log in here:


What's New?

This release is the first release of Dada Mail with a web-based installer to help greatly speed up the installation and configuration Dada Mail. No more having to manually edit config files, set up directory structures or search for details of your server setup. The installer is a very simple, no frills utility that gets the job done. We think you're going to really like it.

We made a very simple video to illustrate how to use the Dada Mail Installer:


The installation instructions for Dada Mail have been completely revised, so you may want to get yourself reacquainted with how to install Dada Mail:


Support the Dada Mail Project: Pro Dada Four - Ever: $50

Pro Dada is the easiest way for you to support the Dada Mail Project. A $50 purchase of Pro Dada gives you access to Pro Dada and the Dada Mail Manual for life! A great deal, that won't last forever. Pro Dada comes with no footer back to our support site and no quotas of mailing lists or subscriber sizes.

Purchase at:


Pro Dada Four Installed - $100

Get Pro Dada installed by us or get any current Dada Mail upgraded to Pro Dada Mail Four, for $100.

We'll keep upgrading it at your request for a year, but you'll have access to the Pro Dada Download and Dada Mail Manual for the life of the Dada Mail project.

Request an Install or Upgrade:


We're looking forward to receiving your feedback on Dada Mail Four Point One Point Zero.

Thanks for everyone's support for the past ten years! Yeah!

Justin J Lead Dadaist http://dadamailproject.com

Dada Mail 4.2.0 Changelog:

Dada Mail Installer

Dada Mail now comes with an installer - manually setting up and configuring Dada Mail is now longer needed. Heavens be praised.

Dada Installer directions may be found at:


Upgrade instructions may be found at:


The installer script may also be run via the command line - instructions can be found on how to use it, by invoking the script with the, "--help" flag,

shell>./installer.cgi --help

Installation Terminology Changes

The, "Advanced" Installation of Dada Mail is just known as a, "Manual" installation of Dada Mail.

The Dada Mail Installer will install Dada Mail the same way as one would install Dada Mail manually. Directions may be found here:


The, "Basic" Installation method is not recommended or supported. If upgrading from a, "Basic" installation, it's recommended to move to a more contemporary installation setup:


Setup Info Screen The, "Setup Info" Screen, that you can access using this URL:


has been completely rewritten. In light of the Installer, it does not attempt to help configure Dada Mail for you, but will tell you what type of installation it recognizes, will present to you the entire contents of your, "dada/DADA/Config.pm" file as well as your ".dada_config" file and will show you how all config variables are being interpreted.


The $ADMIN_MENU variable has been changed to add the, "Dada Mail Setup Info" menu item. It looks like this:

{-Title      => 'Pro Dada Setup Info',
-Title_URL  => "$S_PROGRAM_URL?f=setup_info",
-Function   => 'setup_info',
-Activated  => 1,

MySQL 4-specific schema REMOVED

The MySQL schema shipped for Dada Mail, specifically for v4 of MySQL has been removed. The reason for the schema was more because of UTF-8 incompatibilities, rather than problems with this version of MySQL v4.

Bug Fixes

  • Profile Email Addresses aren't normalized for case sensitivity


*PlainText Backend - subscribed addresses with a, ' (single quote) will disrupt subscriptions


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