Dada Mail 4.2.1 Released, New Screencasts Available

From: "Dada Mail Announcement List" <justin@dadamailproject.com>
Subject: Dada Mail 4.2.1 Released, New Screencasts Available
Date: October 21st 2010

Dada Mail Four Point Two Point One Released w/Installer



If you have a Pro Dada account, log in here:


What's New?

This release is a bug-fix release of Dada Mail, check out the changelog - there's not too much new, we've kept things simple for you.

Dada Mail does now come with a web-based installer to help greatly speed up the installation and configuration Dada Mail. No more having to manually edit config files, set up directory structures or search for details of your server setup. The installer is a very simple, no frills utility that gets the job done. We think you're going to really like it.

We made a very simple video to illustrate how to use the Dada Mail Installer:


The installation instructions for Dada Mail have been completely revised, so you may want to get yourself reacquainted with how to install Dada Mail:


New Screencasts Available

We've started making a ton of new screencasts to help you with installing, upgrading and configuring Dada Mail. You can see them all at:


Let us know how we're doing with them.

Support the Dada Mail Project: Pro Dada Four - Ever: $50

Pro Dada is the easiest way for you to support the Dada Mail Project. A $50 purchase of Pro Dada gives you access to Pro Dada and the Dada Mail Manual for life! A great deal, that won't last forever. Pro Dada comes with no footer back to our support site and no quotas of mailing lists or subscriber sizes.

Purchase at:


Pro Dada Four Installed - $100

Get Pro Dada installed by us or get any current Dada Mail upgraded to Pro Dada Mail Four, for $100.

We'll keep upgrading it at your request for a year, but you'll have access to the Pro Dada Download and Dada Mail Manual for the life of the Dada Mail project.

Request an Install or Upgrade:


We're looking forward to receiving your feedback on Dada Mail Four Point One Point One.

Thanks for everyone's support for the past ten, almost eleven years! Yeah!

Justin J Lead Dadaist http://dadamailproject.com

Changelog for Dada Mail 4.2.1

This is basically a bug-fix only release. But of note:

* Peppered through some of the directories are .htaccess files, to stop unwanted access to these directories. This is simply a safegaurd and shouldn't really be seen as a security issue. 

Bug Fixes 4.2.1

  • "Setup Info" screen incorrectly determines a installation as, "Basic" if the $PROGRAM_CONFIG_FILE_DIR is set to, "auto"


  • Reply-To in %EMAIL_HEADERS will never be used



  • Twitter Support

Twitter Support is currently not working, as the type of authorization Dada Mail was utilising (Basic) has been dropped by Twitter in favor of a more substantial authentication scheme called oAuth.


  • Habeas Watermark

The Habeas Watermark isn't really used anymore, Habeas The Company was bought by a different company, that has a vastly different scheme, other than attempting to legally go after unauthorized use of their copyright material. The new system requires different headers to be present, which Dada Mail does not currently support. We'll see about supporting them, in the future.

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