Dada Mail v11.21.0 Released

From: "Justin John justin@PROTECTED [Dada Mail Developers]" <dadadev@PROTECTED>
Date: August 8th 2023

Howdy Everyone, v11.21.0 has been released!

Download and install:

Github Releaase Page:

Changelog (and below):


This version of Dada Mail is a feature release, with a few bug fixes.


Message Archive Search

Search for message archives has been added to the admin view of the archives in the list control panel.

Message Archive Pagination

Pagination has been added to the user view of messages archives, including search. Along with pagination being a nice-to-have feature, since search results were not paginated in past versions, queries could have been returned with an incredible amount of search results to be shown on the single screen. This realistically could have been a detriment to server performance if too many search queries were returned in a small amount of time.

Pagination has also been added to the admin view of the messag archives in the list control panel, including search.

reCAPTCHA protection on the Global Configuration plugin #1155

It seemed a good idea to protect the use of reconfiguring the entire app through this plugin by further protecting the form that allows you to do so with a CAPTCHA. This is now the case.

Change DADA::Security::SimpleAuthStringState to use an SQL table/database

The login forms are protected by a simple CSRF-like scheme. The backend using a DB File, rather than having the information needed for the protection saved in the SQL backend. In rare circumstances, the prerequisits to use these DB Files can be unavailable on the account.

This version changes this to have that info saved in a SQL table, and removes the need to use the DB Files.

Using the new backend should be transparent to the user - nothing extra is required. There will be a new table in the database named, dada_simple_auth_str.


Scheduled Jobs (cronjobs) don't list all the individual jobs that can be run #1161

List Control Panel Archive Index Screen shows empty interface if no archived messages are available #1162

Screen Cache is cleaned out every time scheduled jobs (cronjob) is ran #1163

Individual archive message screens (public view) aren't always cached #1164

"Forward to a Friend" form doesn't have any required fields #1165

Screen, Data Cache is not flushed when installer is run #1166


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