Dada Mail v11.20.0 Released!

From: "Justin John justin@PROTECTED [Dada Mail Developers]" <dadadev@PROTECTED>
Date: October 3rd 2022

Howdy Everyone,

v11.20.0 has been released! This is a BIG feature release and the BIG feature is the build script which allows any developer to create their own complete, working Dada Mail builds however and whenever you’d like. Fork the Dada Mail repo, and start hacking!

Everything needed is also now available in their own github repos.

Download and install:

Changelog (and below):


This version of Dada Mail is a major feature release.


Dada Mail Build Script

In past versions, the only person who could build a working copy of Dada Mail that can be distributed was the main developer (me!), as many different parts of the app lived only on my own Macbook, which are added using a local build script. As development continued, more additional parts were needed to make a working package/distribution of Dada Mail, making this problem worse over time.

This hampers development of others, as no one else can check out Dada Mail and start developing. It has been my goal to remediate this problem. v11.19.0 solved a very large blocker on this, by decoupling the Perl Library bundled with Dada Mail from the main dada-mail distribution.

Starting with Dada Mail v11.20.0, all the needed parts to build Dada Mail are now available on Github, along with the build script. This allows you to build a fully working version of Dada Mail and thus allow you to fork the main Dada Mail repo, as well as any of these other parts to do whatever you'd like. Happy hacking!

See the README on the Dada Mail github for information on how to build Dada Mail:

as well as the source of the build script,

as well as the new doc on how to build Dada Mail from source,

“Bounces” tab in the membership screen

You can now see any bounced message reports have been created for a member, on their own screen, rather than having to search for them on the Bounce Scorecord, or via the Log Viewer.

Better Link Pre-fetching Protection

Screens accessed by unsubscription links in mailing list messages that are followed ("clicked") less than 5 minutes after the message are sent will have their JavaScript disabled. The short time between message sent to unsubsription link clicked is usually a sign that a human is not doing the clicking, and such behavior causes false unsubscribes, which makes list owners pretty sad. The software that is following the link seems to also understand JavaScript, which is why we're disabling it. From my research, this is mostly those who use Outlook 365 with Advanced Threat Protection seems to be the biggest culprit.

This blog post does a good job explaining the problem, and offering a solution, which I've essentially adopted,

The arms race to stop link pre-fetching continues.

Rich Filemanager upgraded to v2.7.6

DADA::App::HTMLtoMIMEMessage added to Debug Trace Options

This is what Debug Trace Options are:

Better error reporting for problems with database connections

A small change/bugfix, but this may help those trying to figure out strange database connection problems, so it's a win.

Breaking Changes!

KCFinder Dropped

I've decided to stop shipping with KCFinder. There are some open XSS security vulnerabilkities in the app and Rich Filemanager which is also shipped seems to have more features/is more secure.

If you were using KCFinder, Rich Filemanager will be selected for you by default.

Core 5 Filemanager is still bundled with Dada Mail, and the backend has been updated (by me).


Data::Google::Visualization::DataTable defaults to using JSON::XS which may not be available


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