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Date: August 21st 2022

From: newyorkled@PROTECTED Well I hope this fixes the mess with logins because I’ve had nothing but hell to deal with when trying to export my mailing subscriber list.

I can’t say either way, as this report is pretty ambiguous at best, and an insult at worst. If you do find an issue, I’m always happy to look over what the problem may be. First step is to file it here:

I appreciate it when the report contains a simple, reproducible way to recreate the problem.

You may want to look at the change log to see if the issue you’re experiencing has already been resolved,

Bugs happen (the change log admits as much) and I’ve shown that I’m extremely responsive to fixing issues found within the app (ditto).



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On Aug 21, 2022, at 11:55 AM, Luis Diaz newyorkled@PROTECTED [Dada Mail Developers] dadadev@PROTECTED wrote:

From: newyorkled@PROTECTED

Well I hope this fixes the mess with logins because I’ve had nothing but hell to deal with when trying to export my mailing subscriber list.


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From: Justin John justin@PROTECTED [Dada Mail Developers]Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2022 4:01 PM To: Dada Mail Developers Subscriber Subject: [dadadev] Dada Mail v11.19.0 released!

From: justin@PROTECTED Howdy Everyone,

v11.19.0 has been released! This is a big feature release, as well as having the updated perllib. See the changeling below for more information:

Download and install:

Changelog (and below):


This version of Dada Mail is a major feature release.


Enable/Disable mailing list specific email headers

Mailing list headers help mail readers categorize the messages you send as being from a mailing list, as well as provide meta information about your mailing list. Sometimes,they can get in the way of deliverability. We've made the use of them optional.

Find this feature in, Mailing List: Options labeled, Use mailing list headers(enabled by default).

The list headers you can enable/disable is found in the file in the variable, $LIST_HEADERS. Here are the headers that can be enabled/disabled,


Enhanced HTML editing via "Grab content from a URL"

Dada Mail can grab content for a mailing list message just by giving it a URL.

You can also crop the webpage to only send the content found in a specific HTML id or class attribute, and remove content found in HTML tags that have specific id or class attributes.

We've enhanced that last feature, by allowing you to set multiple attributes, be they HTML ids, classes, or any other HTML attribute found in a tag. You can also just remove all instances of any HTML tag.

Find this option where you edit your draft mailing list messages, under Grab content from a URL. The feature itself is labeled, Remove content found between the following ids, classes, or other attributes:

If you wanted to remove all instances of tags with the class of, "example", you would add in,


for an id of the same name:


To remove all tags,


Experiment with other HTML attributes!

This same feature is also available for fetching content from an RSS/Atom Feed.

Breaking Changes!

In past versions of Dada Mail, either "id" or, "class" had to be picked in a separate text box. This text box has been removed now that you can set a id, class, or other attributes in the text box that remains. If you are already using this feature (located only for fetching via a Feed URL), you will need to adjust your draft settings.

Installer: Ability to Switch the path to the Perl interpreter

Oftentimes (and especially on cPanel-based hosting accounts) there is an alternative Perl interpreter available to use, but isn't at the default Perl path that Dada Mail is configured to use. This alternative Perl interpreter could be more up to date, and also use the modules that are available to the cPanel-based Perl module installer.

We've made it easy to switch to this alternative Perl interpreter located. Do note, that there's no way to revert to the default Perl interpreter location. You would need to either reinstall Dada Mail from scratch, or manually reset the "shebang lines" yourself.

Upgraded Included Perl Library! (perllib)

Dada Mail comes with most all of the Perl CPAN Perl modules needed to run the app. These modules are located in the, dada/DADA/perllib directory. This collection of CPAN modules was very much out of date, and the exact list of Perl modules shipped wasn't exactly known.

This has now been fixed, and steps have been taken to make sure that future releases will have an up to date included Perl library. The exact modules that are included have been removed from the Dada Mail git repo, and have been made into their own repo:

This itself is created using the following Bundle:

So you can see which modules are included and install them yourself, rather than use the included perllib.

This change will most likely be transparent to most users, but the updates of these modules was huge in terms of code line count, and many bug fixes and security fixes within these modules are now bundled with Dada Mail.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention can now be disabled

Cross-Site Request Forgery Prevention is an awesome feature to have, but sometimes can get in the way of working with the app. We've made a way to make it easily optional, so that you can get your job down, before enable it back on.

Find this within the installer under, Configure Security Options: Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection

We do highly suggest keeping this enabled.


Grab content from a URL: Auto-generated PlainText version not cropped

Resend Subscription Confirmation via the list control panel broken

CPAN modules shipped with Dada Mail are outdated and impossible to maintain

List Control Panel Archive Screen: message_blurb() call memory leak?

Previews of message drafts always show in modal menu and not in new window in Drafts Index


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