Perl Library Changes

From: "Justin John justin@PROTECTED [Dada Mail Developers]" <dadadev@PROTECTED>
Date: August 8th 2022

Howdy everyone,

In an effort to clean house a bit in Dada Mail, I’m tackling the issue with the CPAN Perl modules that are shipped with the Dada Mail distro. You’ll find them in,


Of the distribution. There’s about a quarter of a million lines of code in there.

Several problems I ask myself:

What actual modules are in there? Which ones are out of date? Or unused? Which ones have security issues? Or bugs?


These are not good problems to have moving forward.

To repair this, I’ve gone through the meticulous process of finding exactly which modules are being used and have created a new perllib for future releases. If you would rather install these modules yourself, you will now be able to do so.

Here’s the project that lists the modules that are being used:

The Bundle module itself will be on CPAN soon, to easily install these separately if you would like.

The new perllib that has been created is now its separate project, and won’t be saved in the Dada Mail GitHub, and is located here:

If you’re wondering what’s changed between versions, you’ll now know exactly.

In the future, I hope to create a build script so you can also just create your own distribution of Dada Mail from the GitHub, rather than needing to rely on me. Which will be nice, if you want to fork your own version, with your own changes, etc.

Look for this in (probably) v11.19.0


Justin J: Lead Dadaist url: email: justin@PROTECTED twitter: @dadamail

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