v11.17.0 Released

From: "Justin John justin@PROTECTED [Dada Mail Developers]" <dadadev@PROTECTED>
Date: October 27th 2021

Hello everyone,

v11.17.0 has been released!

Download and install:


Changelog (and below): https://dadamailproject.com/d/changes_11_x.pod.html#pod11.17.0


This version of Dada Mail has been released with some new features and a few small bug fixes.


Only one mailing list? The default screen is now that list screen

Dada Mail supports an arbitrary number of lists, but many people just run one mailing list. If this is the case, Dada Mail will show what is usually shows in the list's own screen on the default screen. This saves user's a click to view relevant information of that one list.

Multiple mailing lists? Subscription buttons for each mailing list

If you're running Dada Mail with multiple mailing lists, a button to allow a user to subscribe to each mailing list will be available. This saves the user a screen refresh to subscribe to the actual mailing list.

Schedule Mass Mailings now have an option to send right away

There's a few instances where you have a scheduled mass mailing, and you would like to just send that mass mailing right away. Now you can! Look for the button on the top bar labeled, Send Mass Mailing Now in your schedule mailing.

Periodic Login/Session Status Check

Dada Mail now will check your login/session status periodically (every 5 minutes) to make sure it's valid. If it's not, you'll be automatically logged out.

New option to show/hide a subscription form in the default, list, and archive screens

If you don't want to show a subscription form in your default/list/archives screens, now you don't have to. This option is per-list, find it in Mailing List: Options. Look for the option labeled, Show subscription form. Any subscription forms that are available to users will still work.

Custom email themes are now automatically kept during upgrading

Maintaining a custom email theme can be a chore, but now it's a little easier. If you have a custom email theme, make sure it's name is also something unique to your organization. Now when you upgrade, your custom theme will be copied over to the new installation automatically. You'll no longer have to do this task manually.

Disable List Password Reset

Dada Mail has support to reset the List Password via a confirmation email after an incorrect login. You can now disable this functionality in the Dada Mail Installer.

plugin: password_protect_directories - option to always use the default password


plugin: password_protect_directories works (again)

This plugin seemed broken beyond all comprehension. It should work again!


Public archives only viewed when logged in with a profile password fails to work


This was a regression caused by the changes introduced in v11.16.x

Custom templates aren't used if used in a,tag


Clicking, "Manually Run All Scheduled Mass Mailings" in a schedule without first saving this schedule will save it as a draft


Scheduled Mailings: Looking at Recurring Schedules Calendar for an unsaved schedule will save the schedule as a draft


Potential hidden profile field data lost from subscription form if submitted from captcha-protected form that doesn't have a captcha


Bridge: Errors with auto image resizing causes message not to be delivered



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