v11.3.0 Coming Soon!

From: "Justin J justin@PROTECTED [Dada Mail Developers]" <dadadev@PROTECTED>
Subject: v11.3.0 Coming Soon!
Date: April 24th 2019

Hello everyone, I'm in the testing phase of v11.3.0 at the moment so the release should be imminent. This release really features working some kinks out of the unsubscription process. Many of my clients have talked about receiving unsubscription notices from users they know definitely DO NOT want to be unsubscribed, and it's a mystery on how the heck they were removed - the user themselves says they didn't do the unsubscription. Putting them back on just leads to them getting removed again after another mass mailing. Frustrating.

The reigning theory is that some sort of process is clicking the unsusbcription link that's embedded in the headers of the email, in the, "List-Unsubscribe" header. Whatever is doing that must be fairly sophisticated, as you would need to either fill in the email address to be unsubscribed, or the process knows javascript to complete the one-click unsubscription process. Regardless, the solution is to implement a slightly different scheme for the List-Unsubscribe header, which follows this:


This allows you to still have one-click unsubscribe from within the mail reader's UI where further user interaction isn't available, and not have something like anti-virus software or a page caching app or whatever follow the link and unsubscribe the user, just because the link is available.

Below is the draft of the changelog, which has more information:


Google+ Support Dropped

Google+ has been effectively shuttered, so we've removed it from the app.


One-Click Unsubscription via email headers (per RFC 8058)

Dada Mail has supported "one-click unsubscribe" when a user click one of the unsubscribe buttons/links in a mailing list message, as well as in the List-Unsubscribe email header.

There's a problem though with the header: sometimes the unsubscription link in the header is visted by anti-virus software which, after visiting it, will unsubscribe the user without any action from the subscriber themselves. This leads to all sort of administration problems, as they're losing subscribers from people who would like to stay on their mailing list.

Dada Mail now supports one-click unsubscribe via the List-Unsubscribe header without this problem happening. This is done by following RFC 8058, which provides a mechanism to utilize one-click unsubscribe via the headers. Any email reader that supports RFC 8058 will allow your subscribers one-click unsubscribe. Any mail reader that doesn't support this mechanism will still be able to use the fallback, email-only option, also located in the mail header. Either way, incorrect unsubscriptions throught his mechanism shouldn't happen anymore.

The email-only options has also been made a bit more useful. In past versions, an email would be sent tot he list owner, telling them the address that wants to be removed, as well as the list they should be removed from. It was up to the list owner to go through the list control panel, to remove this address. Now, the unsubscription link itself will be embedded within the email message the list owner receives, so all they have to do now is click that link.

We found that this change is really important, and suggest anyone using Dada Mail to upgrade! This problem seems particularly wide-reaching.

List-Unsubscribe header toggle-able

If one decides instead to not have the List-Unsubscribe header available at all, there is a new option to not toggle its user. This option is available in the list control panel under, Mass Mailing: Options: Headers: Use, "List-Unsubscribe" headers



New Options to Complete Unsubscriptions

To coincide with the enhancements to the List-Unsubscribe header, we've expanded the options on what happens when a subscriber clicks the unsubscription buttons/links in mailing list messages.

One-Click Unsubscription

Once a subscriber click on one of the unsubscription links/buttons in the mailing list message, they'll be unsubscribed right away, with no further action by the user. Super convenient for the subscriber! And one we suggest, especially since the enhancements to the List-Unsubscribe header have been made, and the problem with anti-virus software getting in the way have been worked out.

Click a link/button

A subscriber will be presented with a screen, that just asks them to click a link/button. This method may help with people inadvertantly clicking the unsubscribe link/buttons in the mailing list message by mistake. It's the option selected by default. This option is also the newest option added.

Fill in the email address, the submit a form

This option is a good one, if you're running a discussion mailing list, where email messages are commonly replied to/forwarded to other members. The unsubscription buttons/links embedded in the message may be clicked upon by a different user than the one that received the message, and this simple form can help stop unsubscriptoions done inadvertantly.

All these options work independedly to the "one-click unsubscribe" support through the List-Unsubsribe header, which requires no user intervention.

Bounce Handler Enhancements

IMAP Support Added

Set up the Bounce Handler to connect to your Bounce Handler Email address via IMAP. This additional option (along with POP3) gives you more flexibility on how to connect to your Bounce Handler Email address to help fit more email hosting scenarios. For example, those who are using Microsoft Exchange to administrate email may find better success using IMAP, rather than POP3.

Option to select IMAP is available in the Dada Mail Installer.

Instagram Support Added

Add the link to your Instagram profile in your Mailing List Information, the link will be shown in your mailing list messages, along with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and your website links.


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