Dada Mail v10.7.2 Released

From: "Justin J justin@PROTECTED [Dada Mail Developers]" <dadadev@PROTECTED>
Subject: Dada Mail v10.7.2 Released
Date: December 29th 2017


Happy Holidays, Everyone! v10.7.2 is out the door!

Download and install: http://dadamailproject.com/d/install_dada_mail.pod.html

Changelog (and below):


There's been a few more weeks than usual between releases, so this version has a lot more bug fixes in it than usual. It's a version I would suggest anyone that's running Dada Mail to upgrade to:

:: 10.7.2

This is mostly a bug-fix release for issues found in the v10.7.1 release of Dada Mail.

:: Features

:: Bounce Handler: Amazon SES Abuse Reports are now always sent to the List Owner by default

When using Amazon SES for mail sending, the Bounce Handler should almost always be installed as well, as taking care of bounce and abuse reports is critical to working with the Amazon SES environment. The Bounce Handler takes care of both bounces messages, and any abuse reports sent to it. One issue we've uncovered is that abuse reports can be sent from messages other than mass mailings - say, a nefarious person fills out a subscription form, then sends an abuse report after the confirmation email is sent to them. In previous versions of Dada Mail, there would be no way within Dada Mail to know that that abuse report was made. Dada Mail would not send out an email to the list owner to easily unsubscribe the address, since that address wasn't subscribed!

Starting with this version, that abuse report would be forwarded to the list owner, so that they then can take action. All abuse reports sent by Amazon SES will be sent to the List Owner by default, and this option can be enabled/disabled from within the Bounce Handler plugin options, independently of the option to forward bounced messages to the List Owner. The former hopefully happens rarely, the latter may happen on every mass mailing - easily overwhelming the List Owner.

Look for the options,

    [ ] Forward bounces to the List Owner after success
    [x] Forward abuse reports to the List Owner (Amazon SES only)

in the Bounce Handler plugin. It's suggested that anyone using Amazon SES for mail sending upgrade to this version, so that ALL abuse reports originated from email sent from Dada Mail get sent to the appropriate List Owner!

:: Changes

:: User-facing Profile Features

Dada Mail has the ability to enable/disable many of the user-facing Profile features, from disabling them entirely, to just turning on/off most every feature separately. We've changed a bit some of the defaults. The following features are now disabled by default:

• Registering for a new profile

• Deleting a profile

and the following feature has been completely removed:

• Logging into a Profile

Perhaps, "completely removed" is a little rough. What's really happening, is that we're simplifying the options. There's already an option to enable user-facing Profiles and all the features allowed with them. If that's enabled, so is a user being able to log into their profile, or what's the point? Two options are saying basically the same thing, so we're getting rid of the explicit, "log into a profile" option.

See issues #712 and #710 for more information.

:: Bugfixes

Password Protect Directories: no check to see if directory exists when making .htaccess and .htpasswd files #713


"Profile Register/Log In" link in HTML screens will still show, "Register", even if registering a profile is not enabled #712


Minimum version of Net::POP3/IO::Socket::SSL needed for SSL POP3 connections to be successful #711


Template var, "PROFILE_ENABLED" not expressive enough to be used in all circumstances in email template #710


Mass Mailing Preview do not render "Physical Address", "Privacy Policy", etc with multiple lines #709


No, "highlighted" css class for search results #708


Ckeditor image upload modal window has useless and confusing, "Upload" tab #707


Bridge: Useless bare catch() at plugins/bridge line 1773. #703


Web Services API: public key check broken #700


Send a Webpage: Images with Relative URLs fail to be added to messages #699



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