Dada Mail v11.10.0 Release and a message from Justin

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Date: March 20th 2020

Hello everyone,

First off, I hope everyone reading this is in a safe place to weather out the current unprecedented world events. The first day of Spring brought almost a foot of snow to the area, which at least makes everthing outside look quite beautiful. I'm here in Boulder, CO not far from the dorm room that I first worked on what would become Dada Mail, thankfully warm and inside.

I know that during these times, keeping in touch is of vital importance. Many of you depend on apps like Dada Mail to make that happen, and I have appreciated your loyalty and support over the 20+ years this app has been in existance.

As a small, independent software developer, these world events have hit me pretty hard as well! If there's any way I can be of service to your organization/company, now is the perfect time to reach out.

I'll be running sales of both Pro Dada Subscriptions, as well as Pro Installs and Upgrades - everything will be 25% off until at least May 1st. If things are still upside-down aftwards, I'll extend these sales as well.

Thanks for reading - contact me personally at: with any questions.

Dada Mail v11.10.0 Released

The latest version of Dada Mail is out, and comes with Google reCAPTCHA v3 support and more details about your mass mailing being logged and reported. For example, now you can more easily see how long a mass mailing took for each message you send out.

See our latest blog post about it: v11.10.0 brings reCAPTCHA v3 support and more Tracker analytics to learn more.

See the Dada Mail changelog for all the details.

Pro Dada

Learn About and Purchase a Pro Dada Subscription Here

Pro Dada is a special distribution of Dada Mail, that comes with no list/subscription limitations.


Being a Pro Dada Subscriber gives you unlimited access to download Pro Dada distribution, as well as the Pro Dada Manual. This manual is viewable online, as well as available as a downloadable PDF manual for offline viewing (DRM-free).

Being a Pro Dada Subscriber also gives you direct, prioritized support to the developers of Dada Mail through email and Zendesk. With over 19 years of experience helping people getting the most out of Dada Mail, we're here to make sure you're having the best experience when utilizing Dada Mail.

Your Pro Dada install on your own server/hosting account never expires and never becomes remotely disabled, even if your Pro Dada subscription lapses. Re-up your subscription at any time to re-enable access to new versions of the distribution, manual, and to regain our professional support.

Pro Dada comes in two pricing structures: a yearly subscription (for $99.95), and a never-ending subscription (for $199.95). We started our never-ending subscription over ten years ago, and our customers who purchased that ten years ago still have their access!

Still have questions? Email us, and we'll try to point you to the right choice for your organization.

Pro Dada Install/Upgrade Services

Learn About and Request a Pro Dada Install Today

Use Coupon Code:


When you submit your request to receive 25% off your entire install/upgrade order.

A Pro Dada Subscription is included, so no additional Pro Dada purchase is necessary. A few different options for installation and upgrades are available and start at $74.95 for a one-time installation or upgrade. Install/Upgrades can also come with yearly coverage and start at $174.95 and a new option: lifetime coverage for $299 (introductory price).

We'll upgrade any installation of Dada Mail, no matter who did the initial installation, or how old it is. We can also handle difficult projects, like fixing broken installations, migrating installations to a new platform, etc.

Learn About and Request a Pro Dada Install Today

From The Dada Mail Blog:

Essential Docs for Installing/Upgrading:


Thanks for Reading!

Justin at Dada Mail,
since 1999

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