v10.4.0 Released

From: "Justin J justin@PROTECTED [Dada Mail Developers]" <dadadev@PROTECTED>
Subject: v10.4.0 Released
Date: February 21st 2017

Hello everyone, v10.4.0 is out the door!

Download and install,


Changelog is below,



Drag and Drop File/Image Support in CKEditor!

We've upgraded the bundled version of CKEditor that comes with Dada Mail to v4.6.2, and we've implemented the necessary backend component to allow support for dragging and dropping images and files right into the rich text editor! Images may also be pasted right into the rich text editor, without you needing to save the image to a file beforehand.

Images (jpg's, png's and gif's) will show up inline; all other supported files will be uploaded, and added to your message as a link. Some files, based on their file ending, will not be allowed for security reasons.

Since the backend component of this feature is implemented right in Dada Mail, there's no additional setup or configuration required and all security checks are handled by Dada Mail.

The included file managers: KCFInder and Core5 Filemanager, are still bundled with Dada Mail and can work with these new capabilities. Previously drag-and-dropped files/images can be viewed, selected, and reused using either of the file managers.

By default, images are resized if they're larger than 640px to make the size of your mailing list messages a little nicer for your recipients. This option can be enabled/disabled in the list control panel under, Mass Mailing: Options. Look for the option labeled, Resize drag-and-drop images. Resizing requires the CPAN Perl Module, Image::Resize and can be installed by itself, or by installing the Bundle::DadaMail CPAN Perl Module.

Phone numbers!

You can now add a phone number to your List Information. The phone number will appear with the rest of your contact information, in the footer of your mass mailings. It's a clickable link, which works well for those reading your messages on their mobile device!

Redirect links in the modal window

Dada Mail has support to show the results of a subscription in a modal window, using the subscription forms in its own screens, or through its jQuery plugin subscription forms. Dada Mail also has support for redirect your users to a custom page once their done, say, filling out the subscription form. Wouldn't it be great to combine the two? Show the custom URL in the modal window. Now, Dada Mail can do exactly that. Look for these options in the list control panel under, Mailing List:Options - there's a few places custom redirect URL's can be used. Where this new feature is supported, you'll also see the following option, Show the URL instead in a modal window, if that's being used


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